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Balikesir Airport

Balıkesir Central Airport, which was used in both civilian and military fields, was put into service in 1998. The airport, which was closed to civil aviation in 2011, was reopened in 2007. Currently, the expansion and restoration works are continuing at Balıkesir Central Airport, which is closed for transportation. Funda Ocak, General Director of State Airports Authority (DHMI), announced that the construction will be completed by the end of 2018. As a result of the renovation works, the apron with a capacity of 4 planes on a 420-acre land, a track of 2 thousand 990 meters to 45 meters long, 11 thousand square meters taxi road, 800 square meters of garage building, 2 thousand 725 square meters with a ring road will have a total capacity of 1 million passengers.


About Transportation in Balıkesir

There are many alternatives for transportation in Balıkesir, where local and foreign tourists have shown great interest especially in summer months. BTT (Balıkesir Public Transport), the most preferred public transportation vehicle, organizes flights to many points of the city. To get on the bus, you have to buy BalKart, which is sold at the dealers. You can travel on municipal buses by loading money into this card. However, after a certain time, the bus service expires, so you need to know the bus service times from the internet site of Balıkesir Municipality. Transportation to the inner city and surrounding cities is provided by BTT, minibuses departing from Erdek Bus Terminal or Bandırma Minibus Stop are used to go to Kapıdağ Peninsula. Taxi also provides a good alternative to city transportation.

How To Get To The City Center From Balıkesir Central Airport?

Balıkesir Central Airport is only 5.5 kilometers away from the city center. Buses K2 and D2 waiting at the exit of the terminal building provide access to the city center and surrounding towns. Besides, you can reach to the place where you want to go with a taxi at a very reasonable price. Car rental and transfer options are also among the other means of transportation from Balıkesir Central Airport to the city center.

Public Transport (City Bus)

Municipality Bus: The only public transportation vehicle you can use to go to the city center from Balıkesir Central Airport is also known as the most economical mode of transportation. Minibuses and airport shuttles do not serve the road with municipal buses within an average of 10 - 15 minutes. Buses departing from the airport are also going to many districts of Balıkesir. You can get to the city buses by BalKart, which is necessary for city transportation, and you can pay cash to the driver when you get in the car.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: You can travel to the city center from Balıkesir Central Airport with the most preferred taxis. Due to the distance between the city center and 5.5 kilometers, the taxi is the fastest and most economical way of transportation among private transportation vehicles. You can start your journey by taking one of the taxis located at the exit of the terminal building. It takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes to get to the city center by taxi from Balıkesir Central Airport.

Car Rental: During your holiday in Balıkesir you can go anywhere you want, with the option of renting a car that will restore your freedom of transportation. For those who want to spend a comfortable holiday, you have to talk to the branches of the car rental companies located in Balıkesir Central Airport. You cannot leave the car you are renting in the city center because the local companies usually have branches at the airport. For this reason, you must rent a car during your trip and deliver it to Balıkesir Central Airport when you return. However, if you rent a car from Europcar, which is an international car rental company, you can leave your car at any branch of Europcar in the city center and continue your journey. If you rent a car from the center of the city center to go to the center of the city takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Transfer: Every passenger cannot benefit from the airport transfer, which is the most effortless way to go to the city center from Balıkesir Central Airport. The hotel that you plan to stay first needs to provide airport transfer service. You can find out if your hotel provides this service by telephone or on the internet. If you have an airport transfer service, you must make a reservation one day before your trip and inform the hotel authorities about your flight details. This means that a private chauffeured car is sent by the hotel according to your flight's landing time and is waiting for you. If you choose the hotel that does not provide such a service, unfortunately, you have to choose different transportation options.


How To Get To Balikesir Merkez Airport From City Center?

The distance between the city center and Balıkesir Central Airport is 5.5 kilometers. The city buses come to the forefront as the only public transportation vehicle serving the city center and Balıkesir Central Airport route. You can also choose to take a taxi, car rental or transfer to go to Balıkesir Central Airport.

Public Transport (City Bus)

Municipality Bus: You can reach Halalca Durağı by the city buses which are the most economical way to go to the city center from Balıkesir Central Airport. You have to walk 2 minutes from this stop, which is about 150 meters away from the airport. In addition to BalKart, which is necessary for you to get on the city buses in the city, you can give your driver to pay the cash to the airport. Buses K2 and D2 reach the city center from Balıkesir Central Airport in 10 - 15 minutes.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: Due to the fact that the city center of Balıkesir is very close to each other, taxis are a frequent alternative to transportation. Taxi stops in the city; Taxi (0266 243 47 91), 26 Houses Taxi (0266 249 28 95), Karizma Taxi (0266 228 13 11), Adnan Menderes Taxi (0266 224 10 05) can call a taxi to your location by calling any one of them. If you wish, you can also take a taxi from the street and travel to Balıkesir Central Airport. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to go to the city center from the city center by taxi, which is the best way to pay less due to the short distance.

Car Rental: There is no reason not only to go to the airport from the city center, but also to choose the car rental option that will save you a great deal of trouble during your entire trip to Balikesir. With the rental car that completely eliminates the hassle of transportation, you can go anywhere without paying too much money to the taxi, without waiting for the time of public transport. Although there are many companies that you can rent a car in the city center, most of them do not rent a car because they do not have a branch in Balıkesir Central Airport. For this reason, you can rent a car from Europcar, which has a branch in the airport and city center. In addition, if you book a car early if you book, you can benefit from the special offers offered by the company.

Transfer: If you want to take advantage of the airport transfer service, you can go to reception at least one day before departure and find out if the hotel provides transfer service. If you provide such service, you need to make a reservation with your flight details. After your reservation, you are left to Balıkesir Central Airport with a chauffeured vehicle at the airport at least 1.5 hours prior to your flight. However, remember that most hotels that provide airport transfer services charge extra for this service.