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Batman Airport

Batman, Batman is located in the city center and 7 kilometers away from the airport every city in Turkey combines direct flights or flights. Batman Airport, where civil and military flights take place, has a car park with a capacity of 350 vehicles. Since 1998, the airport has many facilities such as café and restaurant services, partial banking services, health services and car rental services. Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and AnadoluJet are the main companies serving international flights with non-flight flights at the airport. Recently, due to the similarity of names with a comic book hero, '' the coolest airport has been selected '' Batman Airport, for such a reason, the privilege of being an airport occasionally came to the agenda of a world.


About Transportation in Batman

Batman, which was decided to be a province in 1990 and is located in the Southeast Region, is one of the provinces that extends the city transportation network day by day. Buses and minibuses can be reached in all towns of the city and there are nearly 80 buses in the city. You will need to download as as Asis Smart Ticket? ‘From your phone to use as as where is my bus?’ Iz which has become a modern necessity. With this application, you can track which bus you want and the final balance of your transportation card. Another nice side of these buses is the free wifi service. On the other hand, public shuttle service to the airport shows that Batman has responded to the needs adequately in terms of transportation.

How to Get City Center from Batman Airport?

You can reach the city center in 10 minutes by car from Batman Airport, which is 7 kilometers away from the city center. If you use the ball handling equipment, it may take up to 3-5 minutes. You can use one of the buses and taxis to the city center at the exit of the airport or benefit from other alternatives. If you intend to continue your journey by renting a car, you will need to contact the car rental companies serving at the airport.

Public Transport (Public Bus and Airport Services)

Public Bus: You can reach the city by public buses in the vicinity of Batman Airport Domestic Terminal. The departure of these buses varies according to the landing hours of the planes. The return route is as follows: Airport - Gültepe Junction - Diyarbakir Street - District Bus Station - Municipality. For more information, you can call the contact line 0488 221 27 17 or you can forward your request to the White Table by turning line 153.

Airport Services: There is no private company providing transportation from Batman Airport to the city center. Public buses meet the need for service at this point and it can be said that the biggest reason is the proximity of the city center to the airport.


Private Transportation (Taxi & Car Rental)

Taxi: When you arrive at Batman Airport, you can see many taxis waiting for you. The beautiful side of the journey with a taxi in no time in a 7-8 minute period as you can reach the city center comes to the fore. If you would like to call other taxi stations located close to Batman Airport and call for a car, call Batmanda Taxi (0530 405 50 65 - 0554 192 22 72), Esen Taxi Stop (0488 221 13 76) and Batman Flower Taxi (0488 214 83 87).

Car Hire: If you are coming to a city by air travel, the most sensible way to start exploring the city is to rent a car. You can easily visit many parts of the city, including Batman Airport, which is known for its proximity to the city center, including the hidden beauty of the city. Batman Rent A Car (0530 244 93 21) and Avis Car Rental (0488 218 07 47) at the domestic arrival terminal of Batman Airport stand out as the leading options. You can also contact other car rental companies in the city.

How to get to Batman Airport from City Center?

The distance between the city center and Batman Airport is only 7 kilometers. For this, there is a company that provides private shuttle services as well as daily buses for public buses. You can reach your flight in the fastest way by calling one of the many taxi stops in the city center. If you consider the services of car rental companies, there are many companies in this area. Let's take a closer look at options to determine which method you want to take this journey


Public Transport (Public Bus and Airport Services)

Public Bus: The public bus providing transportation service within the Batman Municipality for transportation to the airport is one of the biggest advantages in terms of city transportation. You can use any of the stops on the route to get to the bus routes which are in the form of Batman Municipality - Diyarbakır Street - Gültepe Junction - Batman Airport. You have the chance to ride these buses from 07.20 to 18.40 in the morning. Bus service hours on the website of the Municipality of Batman can be found in the detailed information about the bus service. For contact, you can call 0488 221 27 17.

Airport Services: You have only one option to go from Batman city center to the airport. If you bought your ticket from Anadolujet Airlines, this company provides a shuttle service for passengers with vehicles departing from Batman Municipality. For more information and not to miss this opportunity, please call 0541 272 81 26.

Private Transportation (Taxi & Car Rental)

Taxi: There are many taxi stops within walking distance of Batman city center. If you have a dilemma about this option which will leave you satisfied with the economically affordable and comfortable ones, you can negotiate with the drivers at the taxi stops. Batman Park Taxi Stop (0488 212 93 37), Regional Taxi Stop (0488 221 29 09), Batman Flower Taxi (0488 221 18 28), Vold Life Taxi (0488 213 21 65), Health Taxi (0537 559 78 86) and The Light Taxi Stop (0488 212 55 22) comes to the forefront as a taxi service, where you can get in touch with the airport or reach the bus station in a short time. We can say that taxis are the most practical option in the city center of Batman to catch up with the airport without wasting time.

Car Rental: Car rental method is one of the most common options to catch up with the flights at Batman Airport. However, when you consider the short term rather than in the longer term, renting a car has certain advantages. When you come to the city or when you come to the city center you can rent a car and you can make your whole trip in a vehicle without wasting time and comfort. Once you have finished your trip, you can negotiate with the company you rented and you can determine the delivery location of the vehicle as an airport. If this method makes sense to you, you can choose from the city's leading car rental companies: Emir Rent A Car (0488 215 03 72), Ferdi Rent A Car (0488 212 62 07), Stera Rent A Car (0488 215 05 52) and Merkez Rent a Car 00 96) You can enjoy the private vehicle by choosing one of the companies, but also you can catch up with the airport in time.