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Brussels Airport

Located at 11 kilometers northeast of the city center, Brussels Airport is only 20 - 25 minutes away from the city center. In Turkey, Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Brussels organizes expeditions to the airport and the journey takes 3.5 hours.
There is a duty free shop, an exchange office, a restaurant, a cafe, a shopping store, a market and a resting area within the Brussels Airport. Escalators, elevators and ramps in the terminal can easily access the disabled. On the other hand, ATM etc. many services available at the airport. There are various transportation options such as buses, trains and taxis at the terminal exits, and the information and information desk at the airport arrivals hall is open from 06.00 to 21.00.
Another airport in Brussels is Charleroi, which is only 42 km from the city center. In addition to the shorter distance to the city center from Brussels Airport, transportation methods also vary. It takes about half an hour to get to the city center from Brussels Airport and offers many public transportation vehicles as well as alternatives for car hire and taxi-riding.
The airport, which is 11 km from the city center, has buses that facilitate transportation to the city center at half an hour in almost every hour of the day, in addition to arranging train services at intervals of 15 minutes. There is also a specially prepared Brussels Card service for tourists to use public transportation in the city. 24, 48 and 72 hours with the Brussels Card with three varieties you can get unlimited use of public transport during the duration of the card you receive and you can visit many museums for free.


About Transportation in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is one of the most developed cities of Europe. In addition to being preferred as a tourist attraction, NATO and the EU's positioning in this city makes it even more interesting. In Brussels, which is also advantageous in terms of transportation, bicycles are preferred in urban transportation. On the other hand, trains, buses, subways and trams, which serve from 6:00 to 30:00 in the morning, are also the most active vehicles in urban transportation.
Between April and January, you can rent bikes daily or in the city. Metro line map is available free of charge in metro stations. According to the day and time, the metro service varies from 3 to 10 minutes and the metro network consists of 4 lines. On the other hand, it is not as fast as the subway, but tramways are also widely used in urban transportation and offer direct access to many tourist attractions. STIB organizes city transportation and provides information on bus, metro and tram services. Stops, flight times etc. information can be reached easily, as well as STIB points, newsagents and stations can be bought tickets.
On the other hand, a system was designed for tourists to use public transportation facilities and to tour the touristic places. Brussels You can use all of the public transportation vehicles without limit and you can access more than 30 museums free of charge. Brussels Card has 24, 48 and 72 hour options. Discounts and opportunities are organized in some shopping centers, restaurants and bars that are special to Brussels Card holders.
Lastly, since the city of Brussels is located on two water channels, you can experience a different experience by choosing the water bus in the city transportation. Water buses run from the beginning of July until the middle of August. With 7 boats, the Zenne can be reached within 10 kilometers of Brussels and Vilvoorde.

How to reach the city center from Brussels Airport?

Brussels Airport, located in Brussels, Belgium, is 11 km from the city center. In addition to domestic flights, a large number of trips to Brussels both in and out of Europe are organized. Brussels is not only a touristic city, but also a city where NATO and the EU are located. Therefore, summer winter welcomes thousands of people.
Brussels Airport is about 11 km from the city center and there are many transportation methods to reach the center. You can reach the city center from the airport either by public transport such as trains and buses, or by private means of transportation such as taxi and car rental. Speed, comfort and cost change according to transportation methods.


Public Transportation

Train: Traveling by train in Belgium is a highly preferred method of public transportation. It is possible to go to the city center from the train station on the ground floor of the Brussels Airport terminal exit. The city center is 11 km from the airport and can be reached by train in approximately 20 - 25 minutes. Moreover, there is a train service every 15 minutes.
Brussels Airport is located just outside the main station on the ground floor of Brussels city center as well as transportation to the surrounding cities can be provided. North station, Central station and Midi station with three train network is served. While the North and Midi stations serve more to the surrounding cities, city transportation is provided through the central station.

Bus: Another public transportation vehicle preferred in Belgium, mainly Brussels. The bus stop is located on the ground floor of the airport arrival terminal, such as the train station. You can see Brussels buses under the name De Lijn. On the other hand, you can easily reach the city center with buses that organize flights to 3 main regions.
There are multiple buses to get to the city center from the Brussels Airport stop but all of them have different routes. Buses 272 and 471 and Brussels North Train Station can take bus 359 and 659 to Roodebeek underground station. You can also reach the city center by bus B12 departing from Platform C every half an hour. You can reach the city center from Brussels Airport by bus in maximum half an hour. On the other hand, the express bus number 12 only picks up passengers at certain stops. Bus number 21 serves during night hours.
Buses and trains in the city center as well as subway and trams are widely used, but they do not provide direct services to the airport. While all public transportation vehicles are widely used in city transportation, only trains running on the central station and some buses provide transportation to the airport.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Taxi: As a more comfortable method, you may prefer to take a taxi rather than public transportation such as trains and buses. Taxis are ideal for you especially if you are off the plane during the night hours, because taxis waiting for the exit of the terminal are available 24/7. Most of the vehicles waiting at the exit of the arriving terminal belong to Sympa Tax, Taxis Carolo Rapid Tax, Ideal Tax and Taxi Europe.
When you leave Brussels Airport Arrival Terminal more than one taxi is waiting for you at the gate. The general airport taxi can only be operated by unlicensed employees. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing a taxi. Taxis are the fastest and most convenient method to get to the city center from the airport in 15 - 20 minutes.

Car Rental: After arriving at Brussels Airport, you can easily rent a car in a few minutes by choosing one of the car rental companies at the terminal. Avis, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt etc. The companies are serving at the passenger terminal from the car rental offices. You can easily rent the vehicle you want by taking the information about the vehicle rental especially on the price. On the other hand, Brussels Airport website contains contact numbers of car rental companies. It is possible to rent a car without pre-booking.

How To Get To Brussels Airport From City Center?

In Brussels, the capital of Belgium, one of the most developed cities in Europe, urban transportation is mostly provided by trains and buses. You can reach Brussels Airport in a short time by train and buses providing direct transportation to many points of the city in Brussels. The use of public transport is quite common, but there are also those who prefer to take a taxi or travel by private car. You can also take the train and bus to Brussels Airport, which is 20 - 25 minutes away from the city center. For a more comfortable journey it is best to take a taxi or rent a car.

Public Transportation

Train: Brussels Airport is located on the ground floor of the train station, the city center of Brussels, as well as the surrounding cities can be reached. In the city's railway station network, the North station, Central station and Midi stations are connected to each other. While the North and Midi stations serve more to the surrounding cities, the central station is located in the center of Brussels and transportation to the airport is provided.

Bus: Buses departing from the central station and the nearby bus stops every half an hour to the airport. It is a stop point for some of the buses that provide inter-regional services.


Special Transportation Vehicles

Taxi: In the city, the use of bicycles is quite common, as an alternative to bicycles, subways, buses and trains, such as public transportation vehicles are an alternative. The use of taxis is preferred to go to places like the airport, rather than the central places. If you have a lot of things and you need to use public transport or if you need to hurry to not miss the plane, you can definitely choose a taxi to reach the airport.
There are many taxi stops in the city center and you are able to find a taxi immediately at any time of the day. In Brussels, as in every city, there is a taxi to the airport depending on the point of transportation and the taxis are mostly serviced by taximeter. On the other hand, you have more options to go to the city center from the terminal to the city center, while only taxis from Taxi Europe, Sympa Tax, Taxis Carolo Rapid Tax, Ideal Tax and Taxi Europe are available. However, it is necessary to pay attention to whether they are licensed or not. Licensed taxis have a certain logo, so it is easily understood whether a taxi is licensed or not.

Car Rental: If you are going to a foreign country, especially if your first time to plan everything in advance can be good. Maybe things may not go as planned, but it is useful to do some research beforehand, especially in terms of accommodation and local transport. If you are renting a car in Brussels, you can search for a small company beforehand in order to avoid wasting time searching for the best car rental company. Short-term car rental, long-term car rental, pricing and conditions of use etc. Getting detailed information on the subjects immediately saves you time as well as makes things a bit easier for you.