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Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia)

Dubrovnik Airport, 20 km from the city center, is one of the busiest airports in Croatia. Zagreb and Split so that the third is ranked. In 1936, the airport, which started to operate during the Yugoslav period, II. During World War II, he stopped his activities. Dubrovnik Airport was re-established in 1962. In 2010, it was rebuilt with a capacity of 2 million passengers per year. This Old Town, Dubrovnik city center is 20 km away from the airport. In Dubrovnik, the price of transportation and comfort is not the time comes to the fore. Even though almost all means of transport have the same comfort and duration, there are exorbitant differences between their costs. Nevertheless, it is better to use your first choice on the side of the bus. Because when you spend your money as consistently as possible, you can do more in Dubrovnik and enjoy an unforgettable holiday. It is also worth mentioning. Dubrovnik Airport is one of the most developed and most advanced airports in Croatia. There is everything a passenger needs. Safety locations, exchange offices and ATMs are working actively. In addition, cafes and restaurants are open 24/7. Duty free, market etc. services are also available. Escalators, elevators and ramps in the terminal can easily access the disabled. The airport consists of three terminal areas: A, B and C. Terminal C was opened in 2017. Nearly 50 airports including Turkish Airlines are currently operating flights to Dubrovnik Airport. In 2017, it served 2 million 323 thousand passengers and in the first half of 2018 this figure was 1 million 377 thousand. Therefore, the number of passengers that Dubrovnik Airport hosts every year is increasing. As the number of passengers increases, the importance of access to the city center increases. Currently, municipal buses, airport shuttles and taxis meet the need, but as the number of passengers increases, the situation can be difficult. On the other hand, it is a big problem for the tourists who come to the bus only for daytime activities, and not for the nights. Because taxis are too expensive, they can push your budget a bit. Choosing daylight hours to reach this small and charming city will make your work easier


About Dubrovnik City Transportation

Dubrovnik, one of Croatia's most popular tourist destinations, is easily accessible by public transport. Since Dubrovnik is a small city, people here prefer to walk more. However, there are lots of stairs and stairs especially in the Old Town. Therefore, after a while you have no energy to walk. Therefore, it is useful to obtain comprehensive information about the municipal buses widely used in urban transportation. Most places in Dubrovnik can be reached in 15 - 20 minutes by foot, but the bus is a cheap and easy option for transportation. All buses in the city depart from the Pile Gate and serve only during the day. On the other hand, if you get your ticket from the bus instead of from the kiosk, the fare is slightly increasing. All buses leave the Pile Gate. But you have to pay attention to the fact that some buses from the side of the road. On the other hand, the bus stops and writes information such as the names and time of the bus. You can easily reach the bus station, airport or the Old Town by public buses. Buses 11 to 27 take you to the airport. Buses 1A, 1B and 3 can take you to Dubrovnik Bus Station.
In addition to the city buses, you can choose to take a hop on hop off bus tour of the Cabrious City Tour. Like other buses, Cabrious City Tour buses can be boarded in front of the Pile gate. Due to the fact that the city can be visited in the Old Town, the bus only roams around Dubrovnik city center and stops at a few points for tourists to take pictures. On the other hand, the city offers a touristic tour in 10 open-top buses with voice guidance. Finally, it may be a different experience to ride the cable car to enjoy the magnificent view of the city. You can get to the lift from a point close to the Pile Gate, but it can be expensive compared to other transportation options. On the other hand, you can also experience the most unique scenery with cable car.

How to reach the city center from Dubrovnik Airport?

Dubrovnik Airport is 20 km from the city center. You have three options to go to the city center from the airport; municipal buses, airport shuttles and taxis. In Dubrovnik, public buses are the most economical way of transportation and taxis are in the category of luxury. For airport shuttles, you pay twice as much as you pay for the bus, but for taxis this amount can be between 20 and 25 times. Moreover, airport shuttle services are free of charge, while taxis charge a separate fee for each baggage.
From the airport, you need to take the bus number 11 or 27 to the Old Town. These buses can be reached in the center in half an hour. You can get the ticket from the bus. On the other hand, Atlas airport shuttles depart from the same location. You can also prefer airport shuttles instead of municipal buses.
Finally, taxis are also not an option if you want to reach the city center from Dubrovnik Airport. Because taking a taxi in this little city is an overly luxurious activity. So much so that you can get to the city center from Dubrovnik Airport by taxi, which can cost 20 times of the public bus. Moreover, you can't get into the Old Town by taxi. Whether you prefer a bus or an airport shuttle, you have to take a taxi, all in front of the Pile Gate at the entrance of the Old Town and you have to walk the rest.


Public Transportation

Bus: From Dubrovnik Airport to the city center you can easily reach by public transportation. The airport can be easily reached by bus from the airport, approximately 20 km from the center. Buses departing from the terminal exit, you can reach the center of Dubrovnik in an easy and economical way. When you leave the airport you will see the bus number 11 and 27, and you can reach the center in 30 minutes. Buses are downloading at the Pile Gate at the entrance to the city center called the Old Town. You have to walk to your destination. Since Dubrovnik is a small and charming city, it is more enjoyable to reach the city by foot.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Airport Services: You can easily reach the airport from Dubrovnik Airport to Atlas by airport. The old town, known as the Old Town, can be reached in 30 minutes by the airport shuttle. However, you can drive up to the front of the Old Town because there is no vehicle inside. So you need to walk up and down at the entrance. You can take the airport shuttle in front of the cable car in the Old Town. However, it is more convenient to choose airport services instead of buses, but keep in mind that you need to pay twice as much as the bus ticket. Atlas airport shuttles run regular flights from the terminal to the city center. Dubrovnik's central Old Towntea Atlas can be reached in half an hour by airport shuttles. Tickets are double the average of the city bus and are sold by the driver in the bus. You must get off at Pile Gate, where all the buses are at the departure and landing center, and walk to your destination.

Taxi: Taxi from Dubrovnik Airport to the city center can shake your budget because you need to be 20 times more expensive than the bus ticket price. Taxi fares are expensive in Dubrovnik, so it is known as the most luxurious type of transportation, so it is not preferred. If you're in a hurry, you can choose not to be late and take a taxi to catch the plane, but it's probably your last choice. Because the opening fee and the cost of the mileage, let's pass, for each baggage they receive a separate fee. The only advantage of the taxis is that they are available 24 hours a day and do not need to wait at the airport. As it is known, it is almost a necessity to prefer taxis at night because buses only serve during the day. As soon as I leave the terminal, dozens of taxis are welcome. Although they are expensive, they can be an option in the most difficult times by serving 24/7.


How to Get to Dubrovnik Airport from the City Center?

Buses do not enter the city center and the Pile Gate, which is located just outside the city center called the Old Town, is known as the take-off point of all buses. You can reach the airport in half an hour by taking the bus number 11 and 27. Bus ticket from the booth next to the stop. Although you can also get the ticket from the driver after you take the bus, the fare changes a little. Getting the ticket from the bus is a bit more expensive as well as getting it from the box office. In addition to the bus, Atlas Airport shuttles departing in front of the Pile Gate, or a taxi to reach Dubrovnik Airport. The airport is approximately 20 km from the city center and takes about half an hour.


Public Transportation

Bus: You can take the bus number 11 and 27 to the airport in front of the Pile Gate at the entrance of the Old Town. Information such as bus names and departure times are written at the station. By choosing the city buses, it is possible to reach the airport in maximum half an hour both economically and comfortably. Bus ticket is right next to the booth. After getting on the bus, you can also get the ticket from the driver, but it comes at a more favorable price from the box office, because there may be a bit of a difference between the ticket purchased on the bus and the box office.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Airport Services: You can reach Dubrovnik Airport from the city center with the services of the Atlas airport as well as the municipal buses. All you have to do is wait at the stop in front of the Pile Gate. Airport shuttle services are available from here. Moreover, they do not charge for luggage like taxis. Although they pay twice the average cost of the regular bus, it can be preferred for comfortable transportation. If you prefer Atlas airport shuttle, you can get the ticket from within the bus.

Taxi: The most expensive type of transportation in Dubrovnik is undoubtedly taxi. A taxi to the airport from the city center can cost 20 to 25 times the price of the bus. In addition to this, taxis receive a separate fee for each baggage, as well as the cost per opening and km. Therefore, it is not a preferred method of transportation, but it can still be preferred by those who do not think it is a financial problem. Although they are expensive, 24/7 service is an important means of transportation from the airport to the center. Yes, they may be overly luxurious, but there will always be dozens of taxis waiting for you at the exit of Dubrovnik Airport.