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Elazığ Airport

Elazığ Airport is 12 km from Elazig city center and is operated by the State Airports Authority (DHMI). The airport, which has been in operation since 1940, has 2 aircraft terminals with 7 aircraft capacity, international and domestic lines as of 2017.
There are direct flights from Istanbul Ataturk, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hannover, Izmir Adnan Menderes and Ankara Esenboga airports to Elazig Airport. Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air and SunExpress serve in Elazığ Airport.
Elazığ Airport, which has existed for 78 years, provides transportation services to over 2.5 million passengers every year. The terminal building also houses eating and drinking areas, ATM machines and VIP lounges, as well as duty free shops and shops selling souvenirs.
Elazığ - Diyarbakır Highway Elazığ Airport is located 12 km (about 15 - 20 minutes). According to August 2018 data, the airport, which also provides service to passengers coming from neighboring provinces, carries 2.5 million passengers annually. The number of passengers increased by 300 thousand compared to August last year. The biggest passengers are from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.


About Transportation in Elazığ

Elazığ, located in the Upper Euphrates Region of the Eastern Anatolia Region, is known as the 4th largest province in the region. The first choice for transportation in Elazığ is from the cities where urban transportation is developed. With El - Kart you can easily use city buses in city transportation. On the other hand, private public buses and minibuses offer access to all parts of the city. If you don't prefer public transport, you can also easily get a taxi or rent a car and tour the city freely.

How to get from Elazig Airport to the city center?

From Elazığ Airport, it takes 15 - 20 minutes to get to Elazığ city center. Because the distance between the airport and the city center is about 12 km. While the city center and the city center in big cities take at least one hour, this time is 15 - 20 minutes in Elazığ, making the city the most ideal and comfortable way of transportation by air. You have more than one option to reach the city center from the airport. You can rent a car, take a taxi or prefer Havaş airport services. You have to look at the departure times of the services for Havaş services and pre-book for renting a car. Taxis are available 24/7 at the airport gate, but they are faster and more comfortable than other options, and their price increases as equivalent to this privilege. Therefore, for the most comfortable transportation between the airport and the city center, taxis are an option.

Public Transportation

Havaş Bus: To go to the city center from Havas with the airport Havaş, all you have to do is to leave the terminal and arrive at the Havaş bus station. Havaş buses only operate between the airport and the city center and have fixed costs. You can find the most up-to-date price and itinerary of Havaş buses, which are more convenient than taxis, at www.havas.net. When you choose Havaş buses, you can reach Elazığ center in half an hour if there is no traffic due to the passenger loading and unloading.
The route of the moving Havaş buses at the Elazığ Airport are respectively Otogar, East Garage, Ordu House Grand 23 Hotel Front, İzzetpaşa Mosque Stop, Teacher's House, Hozat Garage, DSİ, Highways, Forest District Directorate, Ramada Hotel, Çaydaçıra Sabuncu Junction, Children's Rehabilitation House, Municipality, Park 23, Hazardağlı Junction, Tedaş, Tofaş Junction and Abdullah Paşa Transformer Station.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: No matter your flight time, you can easily reach the city center by taking a taxi waiting at any time of the day at the exit of Elazığ Airport. Airport taxis, which apply a fixed price tariff day and night, calculate the cost per km. If you want to get detailed information about the taxis taking the passengers to the city center from Elazığ Airport, you can call the numbers 05317830223 and 05344176885.

Car Rental: There are many companies that provide car rental services at Elazığ Airport. You can have information by calling these companies before you go to the city, you can even start your journey with your vehicle immediately as soon as you get off the plane. If you do not have traffic, it will take 15 minutes to drive to Elazığ city center by car you will rent from Elazığ Airport.
You can also have an idea by calculating a fee from the websites of car rental companies at Elazığ Airport. Car rental companies and contact information as follows; Europcar (04242371635), Avis (04242752220) and Nationol Car Rental (05303408728).

How to get to Elazığ Airport from the city center?

From Elazig city center to Elazığ Airport, you have multiple options for comfortable and comfortable transportation. You can choose what you want according to your budget. You can choose to use Havaş buses, which are available every day, or you can reach the airport by taxis running 24/7. Elazığ Airport can be reached from Elazığ Airport.
Taxi may be more costly than other types of transportation, but if you need to hurry, it will be an advantageous and comfortable choice to wait for Havaş bus time or to take a taxi instead of pre-booking to rent a car.


Public Transportation

Havaş Bus: You can reach the airport in 30 minutes by the Havaş buses carrying the passengers to the airport from the most central points of Elazığ. You can find all the information you need to know about how Havaş buses are served in Elazığ, which stops, bus times and ticket fares at www.havas.net.
There are two routes that Havaş buses use in different time. Some of the Havaş buses move from Abdullahpaşa to the Elazığ Airport from the teacher's house. The route of the Havaş bus from the city center to the airport is as follows; Abdullahpaşa Transformer Station, Tofaş Junction, Tedaş, Hazardağlı Junction, Park 23, Municipality, Children's Improvement House, Çaydaçıra Sabuncu Junction, Ramada Hotel, Forest Region Directorate, Highways, DSİ, Hozat Garage, Teacher Center, İzzetpaşa Mosque Stop, Ordu House Grand 23 Hotel In front, East Garage, Elazığ Bus Station and Elazığ Airport. Your most economical choice to go to Elazığ Airport will be the Havaş buses, which run from 4.30 to 21.00 in the morning.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: For the fastest and most convenient transportation to Elazığ Airport, passengers prefer to take a taxi, because you can take a taxi 24 hours a day in the city center. You can also call a taxi to your location without stopping.

Car Rental: There are 3 car rental companies in Elazığ Airport and this number is increasing in Elazığ city center. You can choose the car rental company you want, you can rent your vehicle on an hourly basis or on a daily basis. However, do not forget to ask the company whether you can deliver your car at the airport before you rent it. You will not have any problems with the companies serving the city center from the airport, but it is useful to ask about the others.
You can reach the airport in 15 - 20 minutes by renting a car from the city center of Elazig. Popular car rental companies in the city center and contact information are as follows; Europcar (04242371635), Avis (04242752220) and Nationol Car Rental (05303408728).