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Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Built in 1952 for the Helsinki Summer Olympics, Helsinki Vantaa Airport has been serving as one of the most accommodating airports in Northern Europe since then. Helsinki Vantaa Airport, 17 km from Helsinki city center, is the largest airport in Finland. On the other hand, it is the 4th largest airport in the Nordic countries. Helsinki Vantaa Airport was chosen as the best airport in 1999, 5 km from the city center of Vantaa and 17 km from the center of Helsinki. Every year, more than 20 airports including Turkish Airlines are transferred to Helsinki Vantaa Airport or direct flights. According to 2008 data, the number of passengers served by the airport, which hosts 13.5 million a year, has reached 20 million today.


About Helsinki Transportation

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, can be considered as a developed city in many ways. The transportation of Helsinki, one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe, has also contributed to this development. In city transportation, metro, bus, train, tram and suomenlinna steamboat serve. You can buy daily tickets for city transportation or you can choose Helsinki Kart which offers special discounts in museums. When you provide one of the HLS tickets and cards, you can use all public transportation including metro, bus, train, tram and suomenlinna ferry. An integrated public transport system is implemented in Helsinki. Therefore, the tickets or cards you receive are valid for all transportation vehicles. Tickets can be obtained from ticket machines or bus and tram drivers. You can reach the city route information from and all information about public transportation can be found on the website of HLS (short name of Helsinki public transport service) More trams are used in urban transportation because they provide the most convenient transportation to the tourist sites. On the other hand, the buses are also used frequently by nightlife because they serve at night. Buses and trains are preferred to go to the airport. Another means of transportation in the city is the bicycle. Bicycles can be easily reached from one place to another within the city.

How to get from Helsinki Vantaa Airport to city center?

Helsinki Vantaa Airport, located 17 km from Helsinki city center, is easily accessible by public transport or by private means. Helsinki Vantaa Airport has bus and train stations and can be easily reached from the city center. You can choose these two means of transport for a fast but economical transportation. On the other hand, you can take one of the taxis serving the airport at all times or you can easily rent a car in a few minutes. When you arrive at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, you can also take advantage of the free internet access service. Trains run every 10 minutes during the day, while at the airport, there are buses running around the city center at any time of the day or half an hour. Therefore, you can always prefer public transportation for economic transportation. On the other hand, you do not want to wait, if you are looking for a more comfortable and free transportation method, taxis and rental cars are for you. Of course, your budget is also important. The airport is 17 km from the city center, so private transportation can push your budget a bit. But if you don't have a financial problem, if you don't want to wait a lot at the airport, your luggage is heavy. Taxi and car rental services are just for you.


Public transport

Bus: From Helsinki Vantaa Airport to the city center, you can be the first choice bus for an economic journey by public transport. Buses 615 depart from the bus stop just outside the terminal. Helsinki city center is just 40 minutes away by bus number 615 departing from the T1 terminal just outside Helsinki Vantaa Airport. Buses number 615 are open from 05.00 to 03.55 am. Buses depart almost every half-hour and almost all day.
In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, you can reach the city center from the airport by public bus as well as by private bus. Helsinki city center can be reached in half an hour by using Finnair city bus. Finnair private buses run every 20 minutes from Helsinki Airport. Finnair private city buses also leave from T1 terminal as public buses.
You can reach the city center from Helsinki Vantaa Airport at almost any hour of the day by two buses. You can easily get to the city center by buses departing from the terminal T1 located just outside the terminal. Public buses to the city center from Helsinki Vantaa Airport serve half-hourly, while private buses run to the center of Helsinki in 20 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the city center by public bus, while it takes 30 to 40 minutes with private buses. Of course, there is a slight difference between the charges. However, you can prefer to travel by bus from Helsinki Vantaa Airport to the city center for an economical and practical journey.

Train: After the bus, the train from the airport to the center of Helsinki can be preferred as another economic option. Helsinki city center is easily accessible by trains departing from the station at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. There are two different train lines from the train station at the airport to the city center, both of which allow you to reach the city center in half an hour.
You can reach the center of Helsinki by drawing a circle from the south to the east, and you can reach the center in 28 minutes with the 2nd line trains moving from the south to the west. Since both train lines actually reach the same station and there is a short time difference between them, you can choose whichever comes first. On the other hand, you can also get the train ticket from the station.

Special transportation vehicles

Taxi: Once you leave Helsinki Vantaa Airport, you can easily reach more than one airport taxi. Airport taxis are waiting for passengers at every hour of the day. Therefore, it is possible to take a taxi immediately instead of waiting for a bus. If your budget is sufficient for this comfort. Because the Helsinki Airport is 17 km from the city center, it is not very close. Therefore, you should know that the fee will be accordingly. Depending on the traffic situation, you can reach the city center in 30 minutes by taxi. If you wish, you can also call a taxi to your current location by using the kullanarak taxi tender unuz online taxi app.

Car rental: You can choose to rent a car as well as a taxi. By renting a car, it is possible to be more free in both the city center and the city center. There are car rental companies in the corridor between terminals 1 and 3 at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. You can search in advance and get information from each one on arrival. Thus, you can easily prepare the most suitable tool for your budget in minutes. If you do your research beforehand, your car will be ready before you arrive at the airport and you will probably be able to benefit from early booking opportunities. Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz. You can easily rent your car from the company that best suits your budget over the daily pricing fee. Especially if you are on a business trip and travel from place to place often, if you are a large family with children or if you intend to do a touristic tour freely in the city, renting a car can be an ideal option for you.


How to get from Helsinki City Center to Helsinki Vantaa Airport?

From Helsinki Airport to the city center, you can choose from public transport as well as private transportation methods such as taxi and car rental to get to Helsinki Vantaa Airport from the city center. You will benefit from the train and bus for a more economical transportation. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, considering your budget, and you will catch the plane, special vehicles may be ideal for you. Trains run every 10 minutes during daytime, while buses that provide economic transportation around the clock move every half-hour. Taxis and car rental companies also offer fast and more convenient transportation at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can make use of the various facilities by making an early reservation.

Public transportation vehicle

Bus: Bus number 615, between the airport and the city center, departs from the Helsinki-based Helsingin Päärautatieasema station. The bus number 615 moves every half hour and the airport is accessible in about 40 minutes. The bus number 615, which makes its first flight at 5:00 am, again, makes its last flight against the morning. Buses 615, which made its last flight at 3.55, serve almost every half-hour of the day. Public buses from 615, as well as Finnair private public buses, are easily accessible from the center of Helsinki. Helsinki Vantaa Airport can be reached in 30 to 40 minutes by the Finnair bus, which departs every 20 minutes from the Rautatieasema stop in Helsinki city center. Public buses run at half-hour intervals, while Finnair buses serve every 20 minutes. The same type of bus with two types of buses can be reached at the same time, but with a small difference between charges.

Train: There are two lines from the Helsinki train station to the airport. With the I and P trains, you can easily reach Helsinki Vantaa Airport in half an hour. I and P trains depart from the same station but follow different routes. However, they both go to Helsinki Vantaa Airport. I watch the train from the west direction in 32 minutes, P trains to the airport from the east direction in 28 minutes to the airport. You can reach the airport in a comfortable and economical way with two trains departing every 10 minutes. However, trains do not have night voyages like buses, they serve between the hours during the day. Therefore, it is not possible to reach the city center from the airport by train at night.

Special transportation vehicle

Taxi: You can call a taxi in the city center of Helsinki with the leri taxi tender Tax online taxi application and book a taxi through the Taxi Oy and Kovanen taxi companies in Helsinki. On the other hand, you can find a taxi at every point in the city. Transportation to the airport by taxi takes half an hour if there is no traffic.

Car rental: There are many car rental offices in Helsinki city center compared to the airport. Easily and reliably select the tool that suits your budget and get it in minutes. This makes your Helsinki trip more luxurious and comfortable. The most preferred car rental companies in Helsinki are Budget, Sixt and Europcar. It takes another half an hour to reach the airport by car.