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Iğdır Sehit Bulent Aydin Airport

Iğdır Martyr Bülent Aydın Airport, which is operated by DHMİ, is not far from the city center as it is in most cities; You can reach the city center in 20 minutes or up to half an hour. The distance between Iğdır city center and the airport, which started to serve in 2002, is only 16 km. Turkish Airlines and Anadolujet offer direct flights from Ankara Esenboğa and İstanbul Atatürk airports throughout the year.


About Transportation in Igdir

Turkey's most eastern province of Igdir, has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Iğdır'a so the first settlement BC It dates back to 4000-5000 years. Although it is not so much as a holiday route, we recommend you to discover the historical beauties. In the city where the city transportation is usually provided by buses and minibuses, you can choose the taxis for your short distance transportation and you can also evaluate the car rental services.

How to get from Igdir Sehit Bulent Aydin Airport to city center?

Iğdır, with its history, culture, local tastes and activities that offer a different experience, is a candidate to be a holiday destination full of surprises. Moreover, flights are being made to Iğdır Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport from metropolitan cities every year. However, Iğdır Martyrs Bülent Aydın Airport is 16 km away from Iğdır city center and it is not possible to reach the airport by any public transportation vehicle. Therefore, you can reach the city center in 20 - 25 minutes with options such as renting a car or taking a taxi.

Private Transportation (Taxi & Car Rental)

Car Rental: Iğdır Martyrs Bülent Aydın Airport is just a single car rental company, so make sure you book and guarantee your work before you go. Because, in small cities, it should not be forgotten how limited the facilities can be. If you go in the winter, especially in the harsh climate of Eastern Anatolia, trying to reach the city center can make a holiday that you go to rest on the contrary. You can pre-book Rimal Rent A Car, which is the only car rental company in Iğdır Şehit Bülent Aydın Airport, before you get to the city and you can get your vehicle in no time. You can reach the company from 0476 227 21 58.

Taxi: Besides renting a car, getting a taxi can be an alternative for you. Especially if you do not want to use a vehicle on the road fatigue Iğdır Martyrs Bülent Aydın Airport arrival terminal in front of the airport taxis waiting 7/24 with a 16 km distance to the city center of Iğdır you can arrive in an average of 20-25 minutes. You can also call a taxi from the city center to the airport. Here are some of the taxi stops in the city center and contact information;
Taxi Service (04762279712), Merkez Taxi (04762275451), Cinar Taxi (04762278542), Emek Taxi (04762261530), Park Taxi (04762273866), Igdir Taxi, Market Taxi (04762274460), Dortyol Taxi (04762279584), Igdirli Taxi (04762271919) , Trust Taxi (04762278698).

How to get to Igdir Sehit Bulent Aydin Airport from the city center?

You can reach Iğdır by air quickly and comfortably, but although the airport is not too far from the city center, the lack of any public transportation to Iğdır Martyr Bülent Aydın Airport can make things difficult. Although there are municipal buses in the city transportation, there is no public transportation vehicle which has direct flights to the airport. In this case, you can take a taxi or rent a car.

Private Transportation (Taxi & Car Rental)

Taxi: We can give fast and easy transportation to Iğdır Sehit Bulent Aydin Airport with the taxis providing 24/7 service in the city transportation. Because taxis at the airport carry passengers to the city center and also provide transportation services to the airport. Noteing the taxi stops and contact details below will help you. The main taxi stops in Iğdır city center are 24 hours a day; Çınar Taxi (04762278542), Park Taxi (04762273866), Emek Taxi (04762261530), Igdir Taxi, Market Taxi (04762274460), Star Taxi (04762279712), Central Taxi (04762275451), Dortyol Taxi (04762279584), Guven Taxi (04762278698) and Iğdırlı Taxi (04762271919).

Car Rental: For those who do not want to take a taxi, another alternative is to rent a car. Moreover, there is a single car rental company from the airport to the city center, but on the contrary, there are multiple options from the center to the airport. In addition to Rimal Rent A Car (04762272158), Ülküm Rent A Car (04762270580) and Engin Rent A Car (05072562691) also provide car rental services for direct access to Iğdır Sehit Bulent Aydin Airport.