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Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport, located in Moscow, Russia, is the second largest airport in Moscow and Russia after Domodedevo Airport. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, which has been awarded as the best airport of Europe at the time, has won the appreciation of many passengers with its quality service. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport is at a distance of 29 kilometers between the city center. The airport, which is the stopping point of nearly 20 million passengers a year, organizes flights to most of the world. from Turkey's Turkish Airlines and Pegasus indirect and direct flights. When it was first opened to service, the Soviet armies used the airport to transport civilian transportation over time.


About Transport in Moscow

In Moscow, the capital city of Russia is one of the most developed cities in the world, but because of its crowded population and cold climate, it is often in the middle of a busy traffic. Although the city is generally large enough to walk on foot, the Moscow Metro, one of the largest and most simple metro lines in Russia, is used to travel to distant places. The metro services started at 05:30 in the morning and continue until 01:00 at night. After 01:00 the only transportation option you can use is taxi. Taxis do not work at a fixed price and you have the opportunity to negotiate. In fact, if you look at the Moscow Metro, Russia is among the places to visit. Most of the metro stations are Soviet-era Moscow Metro, so you can travel cheaper if you get a multi boarding card. Other than the metro, you can reach any part of the city by bus or trolleybus. Bus tickets with 2 Russian Rubles (approx. 2.25 TL) can be obtained from the bus by giving money to the driver. However, the distance between the bus stops is high and because of the heavy traffic in the city, metro is the most preferred transportation alternative in urban transportation. If you use a taxi in Moscow, there are things you need to know beforehand. For example, taxis do not work at a fixed price. Which company is connected to the taxi, the price also causes variability. Therefore, the taxi prices are very flexible, you can negotiate with the driver if you are too much. Also, if you miss the last subway, you need to use a taxi for the place you want to go, and getting a taxi in the night can be a bit dangerous, especially in Moscow.

How to Get to City Center from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport?

Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, the oldest of the three airports in Moscow, is also the second largest airport of Moscow and Russia. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, which was used by the Soviet army's air force when it was first opened, was awarded the best airport in Europe. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport is at a distance of 29 kilometers between the city center. There are many transportation alternatives available for visitors who want to travel this distance. Aeroexpress stands out as the most widely used means of transportation both in urban transportation and in the city center route with Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. Buses and airport shuttles can also be used from the airport to the city center. In addition to public transport, you can also take a taxi, car rental or transfer alternative.

Public Transportation (Aeroexpress, Bus)

Aeroexpress: Aeroexpress, which is the most preferred transportation vehicle for passengers who want to go to the city center from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, enables you to reach where you want to go without traffic. For an average of 30 to 35 minutes, the fare is 500 Rubles (46.5 TL). Aeroexpress flights are organized every half hour, and are made from D and F terminals. Using Aeroexpress from the airport, you are first going to Belorussky Metro Station. From here, you can easily reach the place you want to go in Moscow by metro.

Bus: Although it is the most preferred means of transportation after the metro, buses can cause cancer because of the traffic density. The 29-kilometer road between the airport and the city center can be reached in 1.5 - 2 hours if there is traffic. It takes an average of 40 to 45 minutes to take this road if you are on a traffic-free day. Buses, which are more economical than all other means of transportation, run every half hour from the terminal building. You can take the buses 817 and 947 to Planernaya Metro Station and take the bus number 851 and 949 to Rechnoy Vokzal Metro Station. Those who want to go to the city center by bus from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport need to pay between 55 and 75 rubles (5 - 7 TL).


Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: From Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, you can find a good alternative to get to the city center at the airport. Taxis require an average of between 1,000 - 1800 rubles (93 - 167 TL). If you wish, you can get more detailed information by calling the airport taxi rank on 8 (926) 244 87 88. TaxiTender offers online booking at a rate of 1800 Rubles (167 TL). The distance between the city center and the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport takes about 35 to 40 minutes without traffic. This time can be extended when there is traffic. In addition, taxis work more slowly during periods of heavy traffic, and public transport is a good alternative at such times.

Car Hire: There are many car rental companies in the D terminal of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. You can choose one of the most appropriate offers from these companies, you can rent a car you can head to the city center. However, due to the widespread use of cars in Moscow and the cold climate of the city, it is necessary to learn about the traffic in advance so as to be able to travel comfortably to the city center. Thanks to your previous information, you can avoid waiting 2 hours in traffic. Rental vehicles, brands, models and leasing companies can be charged at different prices. However, you can also benefit from the early booking opportunities of the companies.

Transfer: There are two different transfer services to go to the city center from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. First, you need to find out if the hotel you plan to stay at provides an airport transfer service. If so, you are sharing your expedition by calling the hotel the day before your trip. The hotel is also sending you a vehicle that will wait with your driver ready when you land on the airport. You are enjoying the journey. Other transfer service is provided by car rental companies or companies providing transfer services. These companies, which are generally located at the D terminal of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, can provide both private and group transfer services. Even though the personalized transfer service is a bit more expensive, you can go anywhere you want with the car you get from the airport. If you want to reach the destination by taking advantage of the transfer service, you have to do research in advance.

How to get to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport from the City Center?

Urban transport in Moscow is fast and easy, thanks to the metro line called Aeroexpress. Although it is a busy city due to the fact that it is mostly crowded, the underground transportation alternative eliminates the traffic problem. Aeroexpress as well as buses are used to get to the airport from the city center. Even the bus is the most economical way to get from the city center to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. Taxi, car rental and transfer options are also frequently used by private transportation vehicles.

Public Transportation (Aeroexpress, Bus)

Aeroexpress: If you have a metro station in your neighborhood, you can easily reach Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport wherever you are. High-speed trains from the city center to the airport depart from Belorussky Metro Station. This station is known as an airport transfer station. With Aeroexpress, where you can quickly complete your journey without falling into traffic, you can reach Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport in 30 - 35 minutes. Single detail, you need to specify the terminal in advance. The cost of going to the airport from the city center via Aeroexpress is 500 Rubles (46.5 TL).

Bus: Aeroexpress is used frequently in the city, as well as the city center - Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. However, if you try to get to the airport by bus at a time of heavy traffic, your journey may take 1,5 - 2 hours. For this reason, it is better to know the traffic situation in the city before you leave. Buses, which are the most economical way to go to the airport, organize flights every half hour. Buses 817 and 947 depart from Planernaya Metro Station and buses 851 and 949 depart from Rechnoy Vokzal Metro Station. The price of buses from Moscow city center to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport varies between 55 and 75 rubles (5 to 7 TL).


Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: People who want to reach the airport from the city center or the surrounding districts quickly and easily usually use taxis, but they can lose a lot of time because they do not take into account the traffic. Moreover, in Moscow, taxis do not work on a flat fee. Some of the taxis, which are priced according to the companies they are connected to, go to the airport with a fixed fee, while others are charged per kilometer. However, in Moscow, taxi fare is much more expensive than in Istanbul. For a distance of 29 kilometers you need to pay between 1000 - 1800 rubles (93 - 167 TL). It is quite easy to find a taxi in the city center. If you wish, you can call one of the taxi stops in the city and call the taxi to your feet, or you can call the taxi directly from the internet by taking advantage of the online booking opportunity offered by TaxiTender. Another alternative is to take a free taxi to the street.

Car Rental: Car rental option, which is preferred by those who like to have freedom of transportation, can provide great convenience not only when you are going to the airport from the city center but also during your stay in Moscow. Therefore, if you plan to stay short term in Moscow, as soon as your plane goes down, you can enter one of the offices of the car rental companies in the terminal and you can rent the most suitable car. There are also many car rental companies in the city center. You can go to the airport by renting a car from the company that offers the most suitable budget for your budget with a small research.

Transfer: If the hotel you stay in provides airport transfer, they will provide you with a chauffeured vehicle if you inform the hotel authorities that the day before your flight will be moving. This vehicle transports you to the airport at the airport at least 1.5 hours before the flight departure time. In the other transfer process, you can go to one of the many transfer companies in the city center or search the internet to make your reservation according to the time of your flight. If you can find a few more friends to share the journey, you can bring the transfer fee to a very small amount.