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Munich Josef Strauss Airport

After the Frankfurt Airport, the second largest airport in Germany, Munich Josef Strauss Airport; It is located 28 kilometers north of the city of Munich. The airport, which was put into service in 1992, is in the international air transport system with the MUC code. The city of Munich also has the seventh busiest airport in Europe. The city can fly directly from anywhere in the world, including Africa and South America. 2 of the airport terminal where, usually from aerospace firms Turkey's first terminal. There are 5-10 minutes walking distance between the two terminals. You can meet your needs at the terminal, such as withdrawal from ATM and currency exchange. At the airport there are many parking spaces, short and long-term parking as well as VIP parking with valet. If a wheelchair is requested for elderly, sick and disabled passengers; It is recommended to communicate in advance with the airport. There are more than 150 stores in the 43 thousand square meters area at the airport. For purchases over a certain limit, parking is free to use. There are also duty-free stores that can be used for tax-free shopping; most famous brands as well. It is possible to exchange many products from electronics to gift items in Munich. In the same area, 60 cafes and restaurants offer tastes of different cuisines to the taste of visitors. Those who use restaurants can also benefit from free parking for a certain amount of expenditure. It is also worth mentioning that wireless internet service is available 24/7 at the airport. There are VIP lounges in need of meeting and working areas. The playgrounds reserved for children are among the other privileges offered at the Josef Strauss airport. In addition, pharmacy and health services, safety deposit boxes, fast access systems and disabled-friendly areas of use are available within the airport. Information and counseling services can be taken from the help desks that are active all day.


About Transportation in Munich

It is the third largest city in Germany after Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. With its historical monuments and unique cultural heritage, this city is indispensable especially for those who long for the past. Wandering the streets of Munich is especially possible to feel the years of the Second World War and make a short journey to history. Classic German discipline makes a difference in Munich. This place is absolutely quiet, tidy and safe city. Munich city transport is usually provided by buses, but you can also visit many of the city center by foot or by bike. We also recommend the S-Bahn and U-Bahn metro lines. Finally, for short distance transportation, especially if you are in a hurry you can choose to take a taxi.

How to get to Munich Josef Strauss Airport from the city center?

As in almost all European cities, the public transportation system in Munich is highly developed. In this way, tourists from all over the world can benefit from the transportation facilities at a reasonable price. The railway can be referred to as the main mode of transport in Munich. Buses also organize more frequent trips than the rest of Europe. For the passengers who will move from the airport to the city center; there are also special transportation applications. The transfer time between the airport and the city center may vary depending on the mode of transportation; however, it is necessary to disregard the average 45 minutes.

Public Transportation

Suburban Train (S-Bahn): Underground underground system in Munich called U-Bahn; local trains are also called S-Bahn. After getting off the plane at Munich Airport, you can follow the green signs to get on the train. The terminal 1 is closer to the train station; You have to walk a little further from Terminal 2. Currently, Turkish firms are using the first terminal; Foreign companies like Lufthansa are at terminal 2. It is possible to buy train tickets as ”Airport Daily Ticket Tren. In this way, both the airport-city center transfer and the use of rail until the next day is included in the ticket price. The average time to travel to the city center by train is 45 minutes.

Lufthansa Express: Another way to get to the city center from the airport is through Lufthansa Express. The starting point of this bus is terminal 2 of the airport. It is possible to get to all the points that can be reached by train, but it is worth remembering that it is a bit more costly. According to the commuter trains, the journey by bus is shorter and the city center can be reached in 35-40 minutes. The bus stop at the airport has detailed information about the time and arrival times.

Flixbus: Although not as widespread in Germany as the Lufthansa Express, Flixbus is also a growing bus transport system in Europe. Tickets can be purchased online; In this way, it is possible to organize travel with Flixbus not only to the city center but also to other cities. Prices are still on the local trains, but can be said to be cheaper than taxi.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Car rental: International car rental companies such as Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, Sixt, Hertz and Budget are available at Munich Josef Strauss Airport. Apart from that, you can also deal with local companies at a more affordable price. Of course, it is necessary to consider that the conditions of use of local firms may vary. If you are just visiting Munich, you may not need to rent a car; however, if this city is the first step in a longer-term European journey, it is an attractive option. Fees vary depending on the rental period and the companies worked. During densities such as the festival period, a significant increase in car rental fees can be observed.

Taxi: Buses and train services are large enough to meet the need of tourists; however, you may also want to stop by the taxi stops, which are just opposite the arriving lounge. Before you start your journey, it is possible to ask for a fixed transportation fee for the city center. Taxis are available in Munich and can be preferred for a comfortable journey. Because of the advantages such as shortening the travel time and not having the baggage carrying problem; especially disabled and families with children may require a taxi. However, it would not be wrong to say that there is no need for a taxi in a city where public transport is so developed.


How to get from Munich Josef Strauss Airport to city center?

The most important factor to consider when moving from the city center to Munich Josef Strauss Airport is time management. For alternatives other than railway; Munich traffic must be taken into account. In order not to encounter a bad surprise, guests who will use a taxi should also get information from the beginning. The airport website also has a travel assistant showing how many minutes to reach the destination using different routes.

Public Transportation

Suburban Train (S-Bahn): There are 8 main lines of local trains all around the city and through these lines, you can reach the airport from all parts of the city. On the way back, some wagons can change directions, which is critical for foreigners. Tourists must follow the leri Flughafen gh trains. Train services are moving quite often, about 10 minutes a new train. You can buy daily, weekly or monthly train tickets according to your needs. The metro, known as the U-Bahn, does not have direct access to the airport, but can be transferred from the national railways at certain stops.

Lufthansa Express: If you used Lufthansa Express to reach the city; You can also purchase a double-ticket ticket at a reasonable price. The Lufthansa Express, which starts at the Hauptbahnhof station, ends at Josef Strauss Airport.

Flixbus: Flixbus is available from the city center to the airport, as is the case with Lufthansa Express. New buses are often used in these bus services; trying to provide visitors with a clean, comfortable and air-conditioned service.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Car Rental: The most important point that car renters should pay attention to is that there should be procedures to be followed regarding the delivery of vehicles. In terminal A of terminal 1, it is useful to obtain information from the car rental desk of the related company. If the timing is not considered, steps such as completing the procedures and parking the car in the car park may lead to the risk of delaying the aircraft. While reaching the airport by car, a distance of approximately 28 kilometers to the northwest must be covered. In unlikely circumstances, renting a car from the city center and delivering it at the airport is always a viable option.

Taxi: There's good news for many Turkish taxi driver in Munich for passengers coming from Turkey. If you're on your lucky day, you'll be able to make your return journey without experiencing any language problems and comfortably discussing the price issue. It is also important to consider that it is still the most expensive alternative to take a taxi. If you can't stop yourself in Munich and do a lot of shopping, you can evaluate this alternative not to carry luggage