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Prague Airport

Prague Airport is located in northwestern Prague, about 17 km from the city center. It was previously called Prague Ruzyne Airport, and in 2012 it was renamed Prague Vaclav Airport. He is named after President Vaclav Havel, who became the President of the Republic after the Velvet Revolution, serving during both Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.
At the airport, there are cafes and restaurants in different concepts where all the needs of passengers are considered, as well as the branches of known chain stores such as Starbucks and McDonaldlers. Other than that, duty free shops, VIP lounges, conference halls, car rental companies, travel agencies and accommodation agencies provide services to passengers at Prague Airport. On the other hand, ATMs and exchange offices also provide 24/7 service. One of the nice services at the airport is; when booking your ticket you can request special assistance for disabled passengers.
Founded in 1937, the Prague Vaclav Airport welcomes millions of tourists every year. According to 2017 data, 15 million passengers traveled from Prague Airport. This figure is expected to be 17 million in 2018, and this figure is likely to increase. Prague is a Central European city that attracts more and more attention.
On the other hand, 3 terminal buildings in Prague Airport serve people from different countries. England's No. 1 terminal building, countries outside the Schengen area as Turkey is operating with the destination of the flight conducted from countries in other continents. Terminal 2 is the welcome point for the planes from Schengen member countries. Terminal 3 is used for charter flights and private jets.
Pegasus and Turkish Airlines have regular and direct flights to Prague every day. Flights from Turkey to Prague takes 3 hours. You can reach Prague by train and bus. However, this is the best way of transportation because it takes a whole day and exhausts you mentally.
Lastly, Prague Airport is 17 km northwest of the city center and can be easily reached in half an hour. You have many transportation alternatives. You can reach Prague city center by transferring to the metro with the airport services and buses that provide service during the day. You can take a taxi or consider renting a car. Especially if you arrive in the city at night, you will have to choose between taxi and rental car as public transport does not operate.


About Prague City Transportation

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, draws attention to many aspects of the Cold War era and hence the history of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It is one of the most wanted cities in Central Europe. As tourist attractions are gathered in a small area in this city, you can walk everywhere you want to see. Even if you don't want to walk, you have a lot of transportation options. Metro, bus, tram and funicular services are available in Prague city transportation.
The most used public transport in the city is the subway. There are 3 metro lines, A, B, C, green, yellow and red. An average 5-minute subway journey is taking place, between the hours of 05.00 - 00.00.
The second most commonly used means of transportation in Prague city center is the tram. Day and night, 24/7 service is the most important reason. Trams number 14, 17 and 22 pass through more tourist places. During the day, a tram service is organized in 10 minutes, while the night time is 40 minutes. Buses also carry passengers at all hours of the day like trams. While it is preferable to use metro and tram in city transportation, it may be advantageous to go to places far from the city by bus.
Finally there is a funicular. Traveling through the funicular that reflects the historic texture of the city can be a different experience. The funicular, commuting between the Mala Strana region and Petrin Hill, starts its first time at 9.00 am and organizes its last expedition at 23.20. Funicular, a nostalgic air to the city because they add a lot of tourists are preferred.
There are 4 types of tickets for 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours and 3 days in Prague. If you are going to stay in the city for more than 2 days, you will benefit from Prague Card for transportation. The Prague Card offers free access to some museums, as well as various discounts and opportunities. The Prague Card is available from the city center buffets with 2, 3 and 4 day options.
While there are many public transportation vehicles in the city center, only the airport services, taxis and municipal buses from different lines operate between Prague city center and the airport. To go to the airport you need to take the airport shuttle from the train station or take the bus from metro stations 100, 119, 191. The distance between Prague city center and Prague Airport is 17 km away, on average half an hour or 40 minutes.

How to get to the city center from Prague Airport?

Prague Airport is 17 km from the city center and is the most central airport in the country. Turkey and countries outside the Schengen area such as the UK, coming down the terminal 1, terminal 2 using the Schengen countries. The 3rd Terminal of the Prague Airport serves charter flights with more private jets.
Municipal buses, airport services, taxis and car rental services provide companies with transportation between the airport and the city center. No matter which transportation vehicle you use, it takes at least half an hour to reach the center of Prague from the airport. Airport shuttles, municipal buses during daylight hours; Taxis and car rental companies provide service to the city center in the most economical and comfortable way by providing service to all hours of the day.
Airport shuttles take you to the main railway station, which also connects to the C-line of the metron, while buses serve up to A and B metro stations. It takes an average of 20 minutes by bus from Prague Airport to the metro.


Public Transportation

Airport Services: Airport services operating within the Czech Republic Railway take you to the main railway station in the city center. You can reach the city center in 35 minutes with airport shuttles. From here, you can easily reach the place by metro. The airport shuttle, which makes its first flight at 05.30 in the morning, serves between 15 minutes and 30 minutes until 22.30 in the evening. For children under 6 years of age, there is a 50% discount for children aged 6 to 15 years.

Bus: You can also take a bus from Prague Airport to the city center. You can reach one of the subway stops by bus with different lines and then transfer to your destination. Bus number 119, between 05.00 - 00.00 and is going to line A of the subway. Buses 100 and 191 are in the same time range, but the metro goes to line B. At night, there are public buses with number 910, which move every half hour. It takes 20 minutes by bus to get to the metro from Prague Airport.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Taxi: You can take a taxi from Prague Airport to the city center for quick and convenient transportation. Taxis await you at the exit of the terminal and take you anywhere you go. AAA Taxi and Fix Taxi offers fixed price, unlike the others. You can use these taxis by booking from their website or at their stand at the airport. You can reach Prague city center from the airport in approximately 50 minutes by taxi.

Car Hire: You can also rent a car from Prague Airport to the city center. All of the car rental companies operating at the airport allocate 4 vehicles and 4 minibuses. The most popular services are Prague Airport Shuttle, Transfer Prague, 24-ATP and T & A Transfers. You can make your car ready by making a reservation over the internet without going to the city, or you can go to one of the offices of the company in the airport and rent the vehicle you want at affordable prices in a short time.

How to go from Prague Airport to City Center?

Since Prague is a historic city with its streets and streets, different measures are being taken to protect the historical fabric of the city. Buses don't get into those narrow streets. In urban transport, more trams and subways are used, while buses are used to travel by subway stops and buses take them to distant destinations such as airports. In fact, you can get to the airport by taking the bus from A, B and C in the city center and at the last stop of the subway. You can also take an airport shuttle from the Prague train station and consider options such as car rental or taxi if you want a more comfortable journey.

Public Transportation

Bus: As mentioned above, municipal buses carry more passengers to and from the city rather than the city center. If you are going to the airport by bus, you must choose one of the metro lines and then transfer to the bus. You can reach the airport by taking the bus number 100 from the Zlicin stop of the metro B line to the bus number 119 from the Nadrazi Veleslavin stop of the Metro A line. The journey from the metro to the airport takes 20 minutes. Buses at 05.00 hours by the first flight to 00:00 until serving hours.

Airport services: Airport shuttles are available from 05.30 to 22.30 in the morning. Airport shuttle services depart from the main railway station, which also includes the C line stop of the metro, and reach Prague Airport in 35 minutes. Moreover, children under the age of 6 are not charged for a fee of 50% for children between 6 and 15 years old.


Special Transportation Vehicles

Taxi: Taxis provide the fastest and most convenient transportation from the city center to the airport. You can call a taxi to your location. Moreover, taxi companies such as AAA and Fix offer a fixed price advantage. You can also travel safely using the local mobile taxi app. In addition, municipal buses and airport services do not serve after midnight, so there are taxis that are the most commonly used transportation vehicles at night. It takes about half an hour and 40 minutes to take a taxi to Prague Airport, 17 km northwest of the city center.

Car Hire: You can also go by car from Prague city center to the airport. There are many car rental companies in Prague. If you want to pre-book on the internet or you can go to the office of a car rental company in a short time you can choose the most appropriate tool for you. All car rental companies allocate up to 4 passengers, while more than 4 people allocate minibuses. The most popular car rental companies in the city include the Transfer Service, Prague Airport Shuttle, Transfer Prague, 24-ATP and T & A Transfers.