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Sivas Nuri Airport

Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport, opened in 1957 for military use, was opened to civil air traffic with the terminal building built in 1990. The airport has a capacity of carrying more than 3 million passengers annually and has a domestic and international terminal. The airport is located 23 kilometers from the city center, many airline company time while editing, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Sivas in most other major cities such as Istanbul and Turkey's direct flights.


About Transportation in Sivas

Due to the fact that rail systems have not been implemented yet, city transportation in Sivas is provided by minibuses, buses and taxis. In Sivas, which raises service quality every year, the City Card is used for transportation. Students with this card pay 1.5 TL, while the full fare is 2 TL. For those who do not have a city card, the fee is 2.75 TL. If you want to travel from the city center to other districts of Sivas, you can use the buses departing from the neighborhood garage located next to the city bus station. There are two main streets in the city center of Sivas: Istasyon and Atatürk Caddesi. The proximity of most places makes it easier to access.

How to Get to City Center from Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport?

There is a 23 kilometers distance between Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport and Sivas city center. There are many transportation alternatives you can prefer to go to the city center from the airport. Once you have landed, your journey will take 25-35 minutes on a day when everything is going in the normal course while you choose which means of transport and how much traffic will go to the city center. From Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport, you can use the city buses, airport buses or airport shuttles to get to the city center, or you can choose from taxis, car rentals and transfers.

Public Transport Vehicles (Municipal Buses and Airport Services)

Municipality Bus: The transportation facilities are increasing thanks to the aviation services developed in Sivas. Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport is about 23 kilometers away from the airport to go to the city center of the Municipality of Sivas bus leaves. Although the duration of arrival to the city center varies according to the passenger density and traffic situation, this journey takes about 30 to 40 minutes with municipal buses. You can use the municipal buses that depart from Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport by paying cash. If you have a Kent Card, your journey is cheaper. The price of your journey to the city center without the Kent Kart is 6 TL.

Airport Services: The airport is the most preferred mode of transportation for the passengers arriving at Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport. 25 minutes after the arrival of the plane to the airport, the shuttle departs to the city center within an average of 30 minutes. For more information about airport shuttles and stops within Havaş's city center, please call the numbers 0346 223 15 17, 0530 976 78 18 and 0346 223 63 13.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental and Transfer)

Taxi: Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport is approximately 23 kilometers away from the city center, so taxi options are not preferred by passengers. Taxis are often used in hurry by passengers who are trying to provide quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Taxis used by people who want to make a fast and comfortable journey from the airport to the city center takes approximately 20 minutes. If you are not one of those who like to wait, you can get a taxi from Sivas Airport taxi stand to reach your destination comfortably and quickly.

Car Rental: The car rental option, which is accustomed to traveling by car, is used by people who are accustomed to traveling, is both affordable and there is no problem waiting for bus or airport service. You can rent the most suitable vehicle by choosing from six different car rental companies in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport. Moreover, if you rent a car first you can visit the townships of Sivas on your way and discover new places. Moreover, if you book early, you can also benefit from the special discounts and opportunities offered by different car rental companies.

Transfer: You need to find out whether the hotel you stay in for the airport transfer will have such a service. If your hotel provides you with such a service, you should let the hotel authorities know how many times you will land at the airport before you travel to Sivas. So when your plane goes down, your driver is waiting for you in a ready way and you are on your way without wasting any time.


How to go to Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport from City Center?

The most widely used means of public transport in Sivas is the lack of rail systems. To reach Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport, you can use these buses that depart from certain points of the city. In addition to the city buses, you can also choose Havaş, an airport shuttle that provides high quality services. People who are fond of their comfort and do not like to wait usually prefer taxi or car rental methods. Which type of transportation you choose and the traffic intensity will affect how much time you will go to Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport, while the journey takes between 25 and 40 minutes.

Public Transport Vehicles (Bus and Airport Services)

Municipality Bus: It is possible to reach Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport with the buses which are the most used transportation vehicles in the city with minibuses. Buses depart from certain points of the city according to the frequency and hours of the flights. Buses belonging to Sivas Municipality move about 2.5 hours before the time of departure. Single ticket costs 6 TL. With the city buses, the journey to Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport takes 35 - 40 minutes.

Airport Services: You can choose Havaş by paying 7 TL for Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport. Havaş, which offers a more comfortable journey compared to municipal buses, is also faster than municipal buses. It also has a very small price difference. Havaş shuttles from the city center to the airport depart from the Sivas Büyük Otel. You can reach the airport every day of the week, but you can visit Havaş's website to find out the hours of movement, or you can get the necessary information by calling the superiorship.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: 24/7 taxis are used by passengers who are in a hurry. Taxis, which are not preferred due to the distance between the city center and the airport, stand out as the right address for fast and convenient transportation. Especially passengers who face the risk of missing the aircraft can go to the airport in a short time by taxi.

Car Hire: You can rent the most suitable vehicle by selecting the desired car rental companies from AVIS, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, National Car and Sixt in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport. Thus, you can take your freedom of travel. Moreover, it takes 20 to 25 minutes to reach the airport from the city center by renting a car.

Transfer: If your hotel has an airport transfer service, if you specify the day, date and departure time of the hotel the day before leaving the hotel, they will prepare a car for you. You also reach the airport without wasting any time and without stress.