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Tbilisi Airport

Tbilisi Airport is located 17 km southeast of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The first terminal building was built in 1952, and the last one was undergoing a large restoration phase in 2006, and a new terminal was opened in 2017. At Tbilisi Airport, one of the airports where all the needs of the passengers are met with health center, waiting rooms, cafes and restaurants, there is service in many areas from exchange offices to ATMs, shuttles to parking. Moreover, free internet at the airport is a great thing especially for young travelers.
Today, more than 40 airport companies offer direct / non-stop flights from different parts of the world to Tbilisi. Tbilisi Airport, operated by TAV since October 2005, serves more than 3 million passengers every year. This figure was limited to 547 thousand in 2005. In 2011, while the number of people falling to Tbilisi Airport exceeded 1 million, in 2016 2 million 252 thousand people used Tbilisi Airport. In 2017, the number of passengers using Tbilisi Airport reached 3 million 165 thousand. These numbers are increasing in parallel with the growing interest of Tbilisi.
from Turkey to Tbilisi Airport, flights are organized. With Pegasus, Turkish Airlines offers daily flights from Istanbul to Tbilisi. Georgia is preferred by the Turks because it is among the countries that can be visited without visa and it is close enough to take a bus from the border cities. Batumi, which is another touristic city with capital Tbilisi, attracts attention with its colorful entertainment life and historical monuments.


About Transportation in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Both locations will be visited both seen this magical city that attracts people from all over the world with entertainment life, from Turkey continues to be one of many people's holiday routes. If you are thinking of going to Tbilisi, there is a rule that applies to every city you don't know: first you get to know about the transportation in that city. You are fortunate to travel to Tbilisi because there are public transportation services available both day and night in the city, between the airport and the city center. Taxis can be preferred as a comfortable and luxurious transportation vehicle in Tbilisi city transportation. 24/7 taxi services take you from any point of the day to the point you want.
Don't worry if you're thinking about your budget rather than comfort in transportation. Metro and buses are widely used in city transportation and offer cheap and easy access to almost anywhere you go. In Tbilisi, the metros are open from 06.00 to 00.00 in the morning. To get to the metro, you need to buy a metromani card. You get to travel much money by installing the card you wish to Georgia as well as in Turkey. The metromani card passes through the subway as well as buses and maturities (marshrutka). Tbilisi city buses are yellow in color and vary in size. In city transportation, most buses are used after the metro. You can ride on your bus with your Metromani card. The bus routes are marked in Georgian and the bus schedule is organized at night.
Finally, another transportation vehicle in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is marshrutka. These vans, which can be acquired by private property, serve mostly for transportation to the extremes of the city. When you get into Marshrutka minibuses, you pay the driver to us as you do or pay with your metromani card. The widespread use of public transport in Tbilisi city transportation makes it easier for those who go to the city. Because, especially in a city where you do not know the way, especially in the taxi, you may need to allocate large budgets to other private transportation vehicles. You can travel by metro and bus in the morning from 06.00 to midnight, and at night you can travel from one place to another with city buses. When you are going to a place far away from the city center, marshrutha minibuses come to your rescue. Moreover, Tbilisi Airport, which is 17 km southeast of the city center, takes an average of half an hour by bus.

How to reach the city center from Tbilisi Airport?

Tbilisi Airport is about 17 km away from the city center. Of course, this can be a little shorter for those traveling by taxi if there is no traffic. You have more than one option to get to Tbilisi Airport from the city center. Buses are available 24 hours a day and can be reached from the city center. On the other hand, it is also possible to go to the city center with special shuttle services to the airport. Airport shuttles also offer transportation services day and night. Although it is not possible to hold many hours in the morning and in the evening to the airport twice a day, including the train service is organized from the airport. In addition, the city center can be reached with taxis waiting for passengers 24/7.


Public Transportation

By bus: You can easily reach the city center from Tbilisi Airport by bus. After arriving from the incoming passenger terminal, you will see the bus stop. There are yellow buses number 37. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach the city center by bus number 37 which runs every half hour. On the other hand, passengers from the airport can easily reach the city center at night to take a bus service. Night buses with no. 137 also carry passengers to Tbilisi city center at half-hour intervals. Buses departing from the airport go to the Freedom and Rustavelli squares.

Train: There are train services from Tbilisi Airport to the city center as well as buses, but it is not possible to coincide with the fact that there are only once in the morning and in the evening. It is also possible to access the information on the departure time at the Georgian train station website. Now you can access detailed information on the internet as well as you can easily learn the time, duration and stops of the transportation vehicles in your city.

Airport Shuttle: Tbilisi Airport offers shuttle services to incoming passengers to reach the city center. 24-hour services are available to take you to the Freedom and Heroes square. Airport shuttles depart from the terminal just like buses, and take you to Tbilisi center within half an hour. You can find more information about the airport services on the Tbilisi Airport website.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Taxi: Taxi transport is now possible in almost every city. If you are looking for a more comfortable trip in Tbilisi, you should prefer taxis. It is better to tell the taxi driver instead of the taximeter and determine a suitable price through bargaining. Because in a country where you do not know the way, you can start to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about the possibility of taxi drivers to take you to your destination.

Rent a car: You can get to the city center from the airport quickly and comfortably by renting a car. You can rent the most suitable vehicle for your budget, if you want, you can rent a car from the internet or you can rent a car rental company. The companies that offer car rental services in Tbilisi are the most well known companies, Enterprise, Alamo, Avis, Budget, National and Sixt.

How To Get To Tbilisi Airport From City Center?

Getting to Tbilisi Airport from the city center doesn't take much of your time. Since the distance between the center and the airport is approximately 17 km, you can arrive in 20 minutes by taxi on a day without traffic and half a hour to 40 minutes by other means of transportation. Moreover, you have different transportation options around the clock.
To get to the airport from Tbilisi city center, you can prefer to take a taxi. You can call a taxi at any point, use the taximeter or tell the taxi driver that you are going to the airport and negotiate a fee. You can easily reach Tbilisi Airport by bus, train and airport services. Buses run between Tbilisi city center and the airport every hour of the day. Airport shuttles also offer 24/7 convenient access. Since the train runs only 2 times a day, it is not preferred by tourists.


Public Transportation

Bus: all of the municipal buses in Tbilisi are yellow and have specific stops. The route is written on the buses but since it is Georgian, it is necessary to select the buses more from their numbers. From the city center to the airport between 06.00 and 00.00 between the morning, you need to take the yellow bus number 37. On the other hand, there are buses to the airport at night but the numbers are different. At night, buses run 137 times between the city center and Tbilisi Airport, and all buses operate half an hour, regardless of the day and night.

Train: You can reach the airport from the city center by bus. However, it is not preferred by tourists especially because the train services are not arranged at regular intervals every hour of the day. There are only 2 flights a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. However, you can get detailed information about the departure times and routes of the trains from the official website of Tbilisi Train Station. As long as you keep your watch, the train is one of the public transportation vehicles that provides cheap and fast transportation between the city center and the airport.

Airport Shuttle: Airport shuttles take passengers at certain points of the city in half an hour to Tbilisi Airport. Airport shuttles offer 24/7 transportation services, such as buses. Although it is not as cheap as a bus, it is as comfortable as a taxi, but it is a bit less than that, it makes airport shuttles a good alternative for those traveling on an average budget. You can find more information about the airport services on the Tbilisi Airport website. The shuttle to the airport, which is 17 km away from the center, can take almost 30 - 40 minutes.

Special Transportation Vehicles

Taxi: Taxis are one of the key means of transportation in Tbilisi as in every developed city. A quick and convenient way to get to Tbilisi Airport is the best option to take a taxi. Moreover, the lack of taximeter system in taxis makes them a better alternative. You can tell the taxi operator that you are going to the airport and negotiate a fee.

Car Hire: Taxi rental as well as a comfortable option to rent a car. You can travel freely by renting the vehicle within a few minutes. If there is no traffic, the airport can be reached by car from the city center in an average of 20 minutes. Tbilisi, Enterprise, Alamo, Avis, Budget, National and Sixt companies offer car rental services. If you wish, you can pre-book on the internet, you can go to one of the branches of the company by going to the detailed information you can prepare the tool you want in a short time.