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Tokat Airport

The construction of Tokat Airport, which was completed in 1988 and commenced transportation activities on 25 August 1995, is carried out by DHMİ. Tokat Airport, which paused transportation services in a period of 5 years in 2001, was opened to air traffic again in 2006 only for domestic flights. Tokat Airport is 20 kilometers away from Tokat city center and 25 kilometers from Turhal; It continues to serve successfully with 60 parking spaces, 2 VIP lounges, eating places, ATM services and 1 aircraft capacity APRON. Tokat Airport, which meets its visitors with a terminal of 180 square meters, can be reached directly from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, Istanbul Ataturk, Edremit Korfez, Izmir Adnan Menderes and Anlara Esenboga Airports.


Tokat City Transportation

In Tokat, the center of the city is very easy to walk on foot and is provided by city buses and taxis. You can also travel on certain routes with minibuses as well as car rental options for long stays. On the other hand, you can get detailed information about how to go from one place to another in the easiest way through the guide on the official site of Tokat public buses. Tokat public bus routes from the travel hours, stops, arrival minutes, where there are various stops, this guide is also included in the screens included in the bus. So, when you get on any bus, you can see every information in the average how many minutes you want to go and the route you use. This is a great convenience for first time visitors to the city.

How to Get to the City Center from Tokat Airport?

Tokat Airport is 20 kilometers away from the city center of Tokat and 25 kilometers from Turhal district. it offers many different transportation methods in terms of visitors. There are airport services and taxis, which are operated by TOPÇAM and Borajet in a common way to provide easy transportation to your destination when you arrive at the airport. On the other hand, there are different car rental options for those who plan to stay in Tokat for a long time and want to visit the surrounding cities or districts. To get to Tokatğus center from Tokat Airport, you need to take about 25 minutes to go and to tour Turhal about 30 minutes.

Public Transportation (Airport Shuttle)

Airport Shuttle: Tokat Airport the most time to regulate airline Borajet, airport services for which Turkey is leading one of the tourist transport companies TOPÇAM contracted with the passengers waiting ready in front of the terminal without going into more Tokat Airport. Thanks to TOPÇAM airport services that are contracted with Borajet, you can provide transportation within the city in exchange for reasonable fees. On the other hand, although the airport services are already ready before the landing, the aircraft are moving 20 minutes after landing. TOPÇAM services that you can reach in front of the arrival terminal of Tokat Airport; Grand Ballıca Hotel, Tokat Bus Station, Stadium, GOP Boulevard and Tokat is on the city center route. You can find more information about the services in 05350203447.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: If you don't want to travel by public transportation or need to get to where you need to go, it is better to use taxis. You can go to the center of Tokat or to another point quite quickly through the taxis that you can find in front of the airport arrival terminal and serve 24 hours a day of the week. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, Tokat Airport is 20 kilometers away from Tokat and 25 kilometers from Turhal. With that in mind, you can pay a lot more for taxis. For this reason, it is useful to use taxis as shared or to negotiate before boarding.

Car Rental: There are no domestic or foreign companies that you can rent a car at Tokat Airport. For this reason, you can benefit from car rental services only when you go to the city center. But if you meet some companies in the city before, they can bring the vehicles to the airport. If you want to pick up your car at the airport, you can contact Erdemcan Rent A Car (03562123844), MUCE Rent A Car (05325482880) or Tokat Güven Rent A Car (05355779862).

How to Get to Tokat Airport from the City Center?

Although there are many options you can use in Tokat city transportation, there is not a public transportation vehicle that allows you to go directly to Tokat Airport from the city center. On the other hand, you can reach the airport directly from the city center if you wish through the airport services operated by Borajet's TOPÇAM, the airline that offers the most flights to Tokat Airport. If you do not want to use these services on the way to the airport or if you have missed the last service you can catch on your plane, the only option is to keep a taxi. Taxis that provide transportation service 24 hours a day of the week are the fastest means of transportation to pick you up from Tokat Airport. If your trip to Tokat is long-term, you can get rid of all these troubles by renting a car at the beginning of your journey.

Public Transportation (Airport Shuttle)

Airport Services: Airport services carried out jointly by Borajet and TOPÇAM are the easiest and most affordable way to go to Tokat Airport. As a result of Borajet's agreement with TOPÇAM, you can make your transportation to the airport in an economical and effortless way without hassling your plane by using the services that operate according to the departure times of the planes. Moving every day of the week according to the working hours of the aircraft, TOPÇAM airport services depart from the city center of Tokat, then you can reach GOP Bulvarı, Stadium, Tokat Bus Station and Grand Ballıca Hotel. For more detailed information about TOPÇAM airport services or to make a pre-reservation, please contact us at 05350203447.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: It is the favorite of all those who do not want to lose time with taxis, minibuses or buses which are used quite frequently in urban transportation in Tokat. On the other hand, taxis are frequently used because Tokat Airport is 20 kilometers away from the center of Tokat. When you use it in a shared way, you can get a taxi service with almost the same price. On the other hand, because Tokat Airport is located 25 kilometers away from Turhal, a taxi can be more expensive than in Tokat. However, if you get in with other passengers or your family, you can reach the airport in a very economical way.

Car Rental: There are no domestic or foreign car rental companies in Tokat Airport. For this reason, if you have an idea to deliver the car at the airport after renting a car, you may need to speak to the firms in the city in advance. For those who will stay in Tokat for a long time, you can rent these vehicles which are a very economical means of transportation to Erdemcan Rent A Car (03562123844).