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Your Stops in Ankara, the Heart of Turkey

After the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Achaemenids, Galatians and Romans, Ankara came under Seljuk and Ottoman rule in 1919 and became the center of the Turkish War of Independence. the capital of the State and the second most populous city in Turkey.






The Lion Road, consisting of Ceremonies Square and the mausoleum of the leader and first president of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's tomb is located in Anıttepe.

Lion Road: Starting from the entrance to the Mausoleum, the road extending to the middle of the Ceremonial Square is called the “Lion Road”. This road was prepared to prepare visitors to the great presence of. The road is reached by a 26-step ladder. On both sides of the road there are 24 lion statues in groups of 12, 12 on the right and 12 on the left. These sculptures were made in the style of the Hittites, who established a great state in Anatolia.

Ceremonial Square: At the end of the Lion Road, you will reach an area surrounded by the Anitkabir side buildings and columns. It has a capacity of 15.000 people and its floor is covered with travertine stones.

Mausoleum: The most important part of the Mausoleum is the Mausoleum. The mausoleum, which was climbed by 42 steps from Tören Square, was determined as the center of gravity of the monument. Ata's grave and the symbolic sarcophagus are located in this section.

Atatürk and War of Independence Museum: The museum was established on an area of 3 thousand square meters under the Hall of Honor where Atatürk's mausoleum is located in Anıtkabir.


The First Assembly-War of Independence Museum


Located in Ankara Ulus Square I. Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the construction of the building began in 1915.


From 23 April 1920 to 15 October 1924, I. Turkey Grand National then the building used as the Assembly Republican People's Party headquarters and continued to function as the School of Law, 1952 has been transferred to the Ministry of Education in 1957 initiated efforts to convert it into a museum. April 23, 1961 Buildings Museum of Grand National Assembly of Turkey; with the name of the public.


The museum can be visited every day and the entrance fee is 5 TL.




On the 13th of October 1989, the 8th day of Ankara's 66th anniversary of being the capital. The tower, which was opened by President Turgut Özal, is located on the Ankara Botanic Park near the Presidency and Prime Ministry Houses and completely dominates the city view.   Turkey & # 39; s own terrace looking tower on one of the first rotating platform restaurants, brings monumental and symbolic nature of the facility with the technological features.



Ankara Castle

Although it is not known exactly when the historical castle was built in the Altındağ district of Ankara, it is known that the Galatians settled in Ankara at the beginning of the 2nd century BC.


Today, there are many old Ankara houses in the castle from different periods. The old Ankara houses in the Kaleiçi neighborhood are built in a narrow and steep area surrounded by fortifications, making the most of the narrow areas.



Ankara Ethnography Museum



It is the first museum of the Republican era and it is also important in historical sense since it was the place where Atatürk's body was preserved for 15 years before it was transferred to Anıtkabir. It contains works belonging to Turkish-Islamic period. The western facade of the Museum of Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica, has standing bronze statue of Atatürk on a horse sculpture made in 1927 and it is still among the best sculpture in Turkey.



Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations


With the idea of establishing Eti Museum proposed by Atatürk, Mahmut Pasha Bedesten and Kurşunlu Han were repaired and built as a museum building and opened in 1968. Kurşunlu Han, which is used as an administrative building, has research rooms, a library, conference hall, laboratory and work workshops, and Mahmut Paşa Bedesteni is used as an exhibition hall. In the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Anatolian Archeology is exhibited in chronological order in these historical places of the Ottoman period from the Paleolithic Age to the present.


The museum is open daily from 08:00 to 17:30.

Normal: 30 TL

Discounted: 15 TL



Ankara State Museum of Painting and Sculpture

It was founded in 1927 by Arif Hikmet Koyunoglu under the direction of Ataturk. Today, it is an art center where the most prominent works of the artists who play a major role in the development of Turkish painting and sculpture art are exhibited. It consists of collections of artworks that reflect the formation and development periods of Turkish plastic art and their classifications.


Çengelhan Rahmi Koç Museum

Çengelhan is one of the rare buildings that has been able to preserve its originality in Ankara's inns. The inn is located opposite the main entrance of Ankara Castle, close to the bazaar in the formerly known as At Pazarı. This historic building, one of the symbols of the commercial past, is the most suitable place to host our collection of industrial objects.


METU Science and Technology Museum

Established in 2003 in Ankara, the museum is affiliated to the Middle East Technical University.

The museum complex in the university campus consists of 4 main elements. These are the exhibition building & # 34; Big Silo which shows the development of science and technology from past to present; Transportation History exhibition building Hang Hangar Uygulamalı; Applied Science Center building where more than 50 interactive experiments are located deney UFO & # 34; and open-air exhibition. In the open-air exhibition, vehicles such as locomotives, C-47 aircraft and F-104 aircraft, which are brought together with the contributions of university units and other related persons and institutions, are exhibited.


Kocatepe Mosque

Ankara Kocatepe districts in 1967, and also started the construction was completed in 1987 by the Religious Foundation of Turkey.

The chandeliers, mihrab, pulpit, doors, tiles and marbles of the mosque are specially designed and made with fine workmanship. In the interior decoration, classical Ottoman architecture was taken as an example and tiles, marble, yellow metal, gold leaf and special paints were used as materials.  


Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque

Located in Ulus district of Ankara's Altındağ district, the historical mosque is adjacent to the Temple of Augustus.Today's architectural structure bears the characteristics of 12th and 13th century mosques. The mosque is also a rich building in terms of wood and pencil-work decorations on wood and tile decorations.



Apart from these buildings, you can relax, walk, and have a little getaway in Mogan Lake in Kugulu Park, Abdi Ipekci Park, Kurtulus Park, Segmenler, Goksu, Ankara Botanic and Guvenpark in Ankara.

Ulucanlar Prison visiting the museum you can witness to Turkey's political history section.

If you are interested in antique objects, you can visit Cebeci Antique Market and watch Keçiören Cable Car and Keçiören from above.


Things that MUST BE MADE


  • Visit the Kızılcahamam Soğuksu National Park and watch the wild birds fly.
  • Try the street wheel.
  • See the correspondence signed by Mustafa Kemal in the old parliament building, which now operates as the War of Independence Museum.
  • Take the cable car in Keçiören.
  • Spread breakfast in the Garden of Eden in Kazan.






Places such as Pirinçhan, Estergon Castle, Hamamönü stand out with their historical buildings and restaurants that can eat.

In Kalecik, you can try the famous Kalecik Karası wine.

You can choose places such as Aspava, Pastor's Bag, Kokoreççiler at Atatürk Forest Farm, Hacı Arif Bey Restaurant, Sea Horse, Fige, Cici Picnic and Kıtır according to your dining preferences and drink boza in Akman.



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