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Zonguldak Caycuma Airport

Çaycuma Airport, located 8 kilometers from Çaycuma, one of the six districts of Zonguldak; It is 65 kilometers from Zonguldak city center, 35 kilometers from Bartin, 15 kilometers from Filyos, 1.5 kilometers from Saltukova Bazaar and 500 meters from the E5 highway. Çaycuma Airport, which has been successfully carrying out transportation activities since 2007 with a capacity of 500 thousand passengers annually, also hosts international flights. You can buy air tickets from Germania Airlines to get to Caycuma Airport, which offers direct flights from Germany to Dortmund and Duesseldorf. While waiting for your plane to be removed, you can benefit from various services within the airport terminal. In order to reach Çaycuma Airport from the neighboring provinces and districts, you can use different transportation means. Like many other airports, the management of the Çaycuma Airport is carried out by DHMİ.


About Transportation in Zonguldak

Zonguldak, which increases its popularity with each passing day, has many different options for urban transportation. Taxi and car rental options are frequently preferred as well as public transportation options such as city buses, private public buses and minibuses. On the other hand, unfortunately there is no rail system in Zonguldak. The bus that is valid for buses across the city is the Diamond Card. When you need to go to other districts of Zonguldak, you can also use minibuses that move from the city center. Zonguldak's districts to go to the distance you need to travel as follows; Kozlu 4 kilometers, Kilimli 7 kilometers, Caycuma 23 kilometers, Devrek 29 kilometers, Gökçebey 33 kilometers, 37 kilometers from Eregli and 46 kilometers from Alapli. In the center of Zonguldak you have the chance to reach the historical and natural beauties with a short journey. Zonguldak, which hosts thousands of tourists every year with its historical riches, lakes and caves, beaches and green areas; it manages to satisfy its guests about transportation.

How to go to Zonguldak Caycuma Airport from City Center?

You can go to Çaycuma Airport, which is 65 kilometers to Zonguldak city center, 35 kilometers to Bartın, 15 kilometers to Filyos, 8 kilometers to the center of Çaycuma, 1.5 kilometers to Saltukova Market and 500 meters to the E5 highway. we can say that you will not encounter any difficulties in terms of transportation. Once you have landed at the airport, you can take advantage of public transport to get to Zonguldak and Çaycumaabilirs centers, or make a quicker and more comfortable journey with one of the taxi or car rental options. On the other hand, you can request a transfer by contacting the hotel in advance. If your hotel has such a service, your transfer vehicle will be ready in front of the airport. To get to the center of Zonguldak from the airport, you need to take a 1-hour trip and a 15-minute journey to go to Caycuma.

Public Transport Vehicles (Municipal Buses and Airport Services)

Municipal Buses: After you get off to Zonguldak Caycuma Airport, you can easily see the buses outside the arrival terminal and the airport services of some of the tourism companies make it easy to reach the city center. On the other hand, after a 10-minute walk to the center of Saltukova, you can also take the buses and head to Çaycuma center. The prices of the Çaycuma - Saltukova buses, which serve every 2 hours, are quite appropriate. You can also reach to Zonguldak city center from Çaycuma Airport by means of the vehicles of different tourism companies.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: If you do not encounter any public transportation when you land at Çaycuma Airport, you do not want to wait for other flights or if you do not have time to wait, it will be the most logical way to take a taxi. In front of the airport terminal, you can provide transportation to any place in any time via taxis providing transportation services 24 hours a day. Because it is a bit far from the airport, you can travel by taxi to Zonguldak. On the other hand, it takes about 20 minutes to go from Çaycuma Airport to Çaycuma center.

Car Rental: If you are planning to stay in Zonguldak or in the neighboring provinces and districts for a long time, renting a car can be the most economical way when you arrive at Çaycuma Airport. Not to mention the fact that you can benefit from various discounts if you have already contacted one of the car rental companies at the airport terminal. On the other hand, using your rental car waiting for you as soon as you land at the airport when you book in advance, you have the opportunity to reach anywhere you want in a very comfortable and fast way. After renting a car from the airport, you need to go to Zonguldak city center for 1 hour, 15 minutes to go to Caycuma and 20 minutes to go to Filyos.


How To Get To Zonguldak Caycuma Airport From City Center?

It is quite effortless to reach Çaycuma Airport from Zonguldak city center or from the city center. You can reach to Çaycuma Airport with options such as city buses, transfer vehicles, taxis and car rental. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the airport from Çaycuma and about 1 hour from Zonguldak center to reach the airport. It can be more sensible to use special transport vehicles when you have limited time, as public transport cannot reach the airport at the scheduled times depending on the intensity of the passengers and the traffic situation.

Public Transport Vehicles (Municipal Buses and Airport Services)

Municipal Buses: It is possible to reach Çaycuma Airport directly from Zonguldak city center or from Çaycuma center. You can reach to Çaycuma Airport in 1 to 1.5 hours from Zonguldak city center in 20 minutes from Çaycuma via the bus services of municipal buses and different tourism companies. You need to take Saltukova minibuses or buses to go to Çaycuma Airport from Çaycuma city center.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: As in many parts of Turkey's Zonguldak taxis are widely used in urban transport. But the most important feature that distinguishes taxis in Zonguldak from other cities. Providing transportation services at very reasonable prices, taxis enable you to reach any place in the shortest time and in the most comfortable way. Although it is quite cheap in city transportation, it can be a bit expensive by taxi when it comes to Caycuma Airport. On the other hand, to reach the airport, which is 65 kilometers away from the city center, you need to miss a 1-hour journey. But the taxis that can be described as quite fast compared to the buses can be life-saving when you have a limited time to get up. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the airport from Çaycuma.

Car Rental: There are more car rental companies in the city than the airport. In this case, you can rent a car options are also quite increased. On the other hand, to rent a car to go to Çaycuma Airport is the point you need to pay attention to the company you want to have an office at the airport or delivery of the vehicle at the airport. Renting a car, in the center of Zonguldak, long-term stays in the neighboring provinces or districts are very economical and without the need for public transport to anywhere you want to go comfortably allows you to take a place among the options should be considered.