How would you like to explore Kaş? |

How would you like to explore Kaş?

Antalya Kaş, which has been a popular holiday destination in recent weeks, is one of the natural beauties completed in Turkey with its historical and wonderful natural beauties. In history, there are intersections of the roads that provide transportation between the ancient city Caria and Lycia Regions under the name of Antiphellos. Antalya Kaş, located in the region known today as the Teke Peninsula, is ancient, natural beauties, a peninsula that is being tried. You can reach from Antalya Dalaman by using your plane ticket.

Must See Places

Do not start your holiday without reading our article on places to visit in Kaş. You can find detailed information about Kaş Antalya hotels, Kaş hostel recommendations, Kaş beaches, Antalya Kaş ticket prices in our article.

Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş Beach, which is 17 km away from Antalya Kaş, is a kind of canyon mouth beach with the most beautiful shades of turquoise color. Kaputaş Beach, which has been chosen as the most romantic beach in the world by the British Independent Newspaper, is reached by descending the stairs, which has a lot of steps, but it is very easy to descend. You can enjoy the sea and the sun by laying your towel on the sand on the beach, where there is no sunbed rental or beach club-style services.


There are four different venues in Limanağzı Bay, which you can reach by small boats from the center of Antalya Kaş. It is possible to choose the one you want from the places, all of which are more beautiful than the other, and enjoy the delicious food and the calm and clear sea. Since the back of the sea is adorned with trees, you should definitely visit this calm cove where the fresh air and the sea meet.


You can reach Kekova, where Turkey's only sunken city is located, by boat tours from the center of Antalya Kaş. Kekova, where you can feel the magical texture of history under the sea, is also one of the best diving spots. It is forbidden to stay for more than 10 minutes in Kekova, which is under protection within the scope of the natural protected area. One of the places you should see around Kekova is Simena Castle and Kaleköy. Simena Castle, built by the Lycians, is a historical heritage located in Kaleköy and containing the smallest amphitheater in the world. Boat tours definitely stop by Kaleköy, and you can take a half-hour trip here. We definitely recommend you to eat peach ice cream from the ice cream shop at the entrance of the village. You can also buy Kaleköy souvenirs by purchasing wristbands and beach clothes made by the villagers themselves. Do not pass without seeing the Lycian King tombs, which remain in the sea.

Xanthos Ancient City

The ancient city of Xanthos, the oldest settlement of the Lycian civilization, is located at the 70th kilometer of the Muğla Fethiye-Antalya Kaş highway. Anti-city is one of the must-see places for everyone who comes to Antalya Kaş with its rock tombs and sarcophagi on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The original finds of the city, unearthed by Charles Fellows, are exhibited in the Lycian Artifacts Section of the British Museum today. Realizing that they could not protect their city against the Persian invasion in history, the people of Xanthos committed the biggest mass suicide in history.

Patara Beach

Patara, which is 40 minutes away from Antalya Kas and considered one of the 15 most beautiful beaches in Turkey, has a wide and long beach. For this reason, the desert scenes in Yeşilçam were shot on this beach. It is also possible to come across the footprints of cute turtles on the beach where the caretta carettas lay their eggs.

What Is Done?

After coming to Antalya Kaş and settling in your hotel, you need to take out the pen and paper and start preparing an activity list. Even a day will not be wasted in the holiday resort, which has many activities.

  • You can join the jeep safari tours departing from the center of Antalya Kaş to the Saklı Kent Canyon. It is also possible to do nature sports such as rafting and trekking in the canyon, which is 1 hour away.

  • If you are there between March 15 and April 30, you can go to the Bezirgan Plateau and photograph the Lycian Orchids, which are very rare and endangered in our country.

  • If you have a passport, you can go to the island of Meis, which is only 2.1 km from Antalya Kaş and visit the island farthest from the mainland of Greece.

  • You can improve your skills in painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography by participating in the Antalya Kaş Magenta Art Camp, which starts your day with yoga, and you can experience a different holiday experience in Çukurbağ, 11 km from Antalya Kaş.

  • If you want to add a little adrenaline to your holiday, you can go canyoning by crossing the waterfalls in the Cyprus Canyon, 1.3 km from Antalya Kaş.

  • If you want to explore Kekova's historical heritage closely, you can join the tours where you can cross the Akar Strait by canoe.

  • You can dive to see the Dimitri wreck near Kovan Island in Antalya Kaş, where there are a lot of diving centers; While witnessing the riot of colors of creatures such as sponges, corals and anemones, you can also experience wreck diving.

  • While you're at Patara Beach, you can visit the world's oldest lighthouse, dating back to the Romans, in the ancient city of Patara.

Eating And Drinking

You should go to Üzüm Kızı Meyhane, which is a very popular tavern, by making a reservation in advance. It is impossible not to be impressed by the ambiance created by the combination of sole fish in milk, fish kokoreç, grilled octopus, delicious appetizers and music and scenery.You can find traditional Turkish cuisine in Bi'lokma restaurant and you can choose it for both breakfast and dinner. You can have raki fish against Meis Island in Mumlu Meyhane located in Küçükçakıl area.You can eat delicious kebabs at Zaika, try pizzas at Retro Bistro, and enjoy dessert with baklava and ice cream at Feride.Do not forget to stop by the famous Mavi Bar in the center of Antalya Kaş and have a beer. You can also listen to live music performances and enjoy the nightlife at Echo.


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