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A green oasis, the vicious child of the Black Sea, ripped from the bosom of nature, the leading actor in the plateau tourism, the relaxing atmosphere and peace in the hearts of everyone who has established a thriving city Trabzon. Trabzon, which offers many opportunities for nature sports and activities, welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year with its appeal to people of all ages and tastes. With its lakes, waterfalls, highlands that will witness a thousand tons of green, the natural beauties of postcard tastes, the forests that do not enter the ax and the doors of an unforgettable holiday, Trabzon is undoubtedly one of the first stops of the Black Sea tour.
Sümela Monastery, whose fame is spread around the world and which lifts Trabzon tourism, is located within the borders of Maçka district of the city. Sümela Monastery, which dates back to 375 - 395 BC, can be a great place to start your tour of Trabzon. The monastery of Vazelon, which shows an architectural similarity with the Sumela Monastery, and the Peristera Monastery, which are located within the borders of Maçka and which were thought to have been built in the 4th century BC, will be among the unforgettable moments of your tour in Trabzon. Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum, one of the most important buildings dating back to the Byzantine Period, is a unique building that served as a church and was transformed into a mosque after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the city. Trabzon Castle, which is another building identified with Trabzon, is a majestic structure consisting of 3 different sections, which belong to the Byzantine period, which will allow you to look at the city from a bird's eye view.
From the month of May to October, participating in the highland festivities that took place from October to October, walking in the green plateaus on the foothills of the valleys, storing a lot of oxygen, strolling around Sera Lake and its environs, Çarşıbaşı Public Beach on the shore of the Black Sea, Kalecik Beach and sunbathing on Akçakale Beach, Karaçımah Hill and Uzungöl without making paragliding in Karaster Hill, at least one or two days in the plateau hotels, starting the day with the smell of butter drunk with the smell of butter like in the morning, anchovies, tortillas, pilaf, not tasting pilakis, stuffed cabbage, Akçaabat meatballs Garester Plateau, Haldizen Plateau, Sekersu Plateau, Lapazan Plateau and Maçma Plateau in Maçka, Erikbeli Plateau in Tonya, and Haçka Obası Plateau in Düzköy !
Trabzon, one of the most developed parts of the Eastern Black Sea region and one of the most important port cities of our country, opens the doors of a holiday that will never come out of memory for those who come with irresistible beauty. Just entertainment, culture, art, nature tourism and so on. It is so difficult to choose among the hotels in Trabzon that allow them to experience extraordinary experiences not only in terms of accommodation, but also in terms of accommodation. When you search for hotels in Trabzon, which are divided into districts, central points and the highlands in the south, the calls can be narrowed down after finding the answer to what you want most about your holiday. Trabzon plateau hotels, where comfort is at the highest level and the view is taken from postcards and taken to other lands, can take its place among the first choices.
If you are traveling to the city for business purposes, you can head to all the city hotels that offer all-inclusive or only room service at more central points instead of highland hotels. To complete your online hotel reservation process in Trabzon hotels within minutes, all you need to do is log in If you want to include all-inclusive hotels or more affordable hotels, you can find boutique hotels that offer half-board service and you can find the most appealing facility for your budget and taste.

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