Ticket Cancellation and Refund & Flight Ticket Change

İptal / İade / Değişiklik


The change fee for each booking is taken for a confirmed travel plan and/or any changes made to the ticket. This fee is in addition to the amendment received by this Supplier.


If the Customer cancels a reservation, the Travel Agent will have the right to cut off part of the payment and will ask for the damage that the Travel Agent has suffered. The supplier reserves the right to cancel any of the services they have given prior to the departure, in which case the entire fare will be returned to the passenger without further liability of the Travel Agent

The Travel Agent will receive a service charge to process the refund request. (Customers must look in the 'Refunds' section for these Terms, and cancellation provisions are also available in the Supplier's Terms, website.) Suppliers may charge more than the cancellation fees mentioned above and may charge a cancellation fee.


If the 'Cancellation and Refund Policy' is not purchased by the customer during the reservation, the Travel Agents will not consider the refunds under any circumstances. Reputations made by suppliers are subject to their respective terms and conditions. The Travel Agency will charge a fee for processing the refund request. Suppliers may receive the abovementioned return processing fees.