Sales Agreement


This Sales Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract" Huge Tours – Rozi Tur.Tic.Nak.Ltd.Şti. (hereinafter referred to as the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT in the Agreement) and the real or legal persons who purchase services through the website ( hereinafter referred to as the BUYER in the Contract) within the framework of the provisions and principles written below.


  1. I'm ; It is the brand of Huge Tours - Rozi Turizm Tic Nak Ltd Sti, which is a member of IATA (International Passenger Transport Association) and a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel AGENCY), Group A travel agency. It is the name of the web sales portal created for 
  2. The subject of this contract is the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Application Principles of Distance Agreements regarding the sale and delivery of the product, the qualities and sales price of which are specified below , which the BUYER has ordered electronically from the website belonging to the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY. It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Procedures and Procedures.  


  1. The type and type of services, amount, sales price, billing address are as stated on the site.
  2. The payment method for these services will be by credit or debit card.


  1. Submitted or made the reservation with all the prices or quotations and / or I ( 'SELLER OF TRAVEL AGENCY') made by or I all services performed on behalf of, and rules are subject to the terms set forth below.    


  1. Penalties to be applied when refunds, cancellations and changes are made in the flight tickets purchased on the site will be based on the values ​​applied by the airlines themselves. In case of any rule change that may occur after the purchase of the ticket, the current details will be taken into account.
  2. In case of requests for refunds, cancellations or changes in the bus tickets purchased on the site, the entire ticket fee will be refunded in applications made up to 24 hours before the bus departure time in accordance with Article 36, paragraph 8 of the Highway Transport Regulation, and for applications made up to 12 hours before the bus departure time. An open ticket valid for 6 months will be issued. is not responsible for the damages that may arise from the failure of the bus companies to comply with this regulation.
  3. Ticket prepared when the collection of actual ticketing service Bedelia's extradition case I can vary the site side. In addition, no extra penalty or similar fee will be requested. If the ticket can be refunded, the refund will be charged to the credit card from which the ticket was purchased, as a plus balance.  
  4. When it is determined that more than one reservation has been made for a single person within the same date range as it is applied all over the world, only one of the requests will be considered valid and the rest will be canceled without any obligation to provide any feedback. The website does not take any responsibility for the cancellation of extra reservations made in this way.


  1. You can control and change the flight and bus tickets purchased through the I'm Going Support Line or the website, from the Online Transactions tab. 
  2. The information provided in the correspondence regarding the exchange transactions requested to be applied in the tickets is entirely the responsibility of the ticket owner. It is recommended that the details be given without errors so that the transactions are carried out exactly as desired. The website does not accept any responsibility for errors caused by incorrect information.
  3. If there is a penalty or refund fee due to the flight, route or class rules that may change according to the airlines on the tickets to be changed, the approval for the said transaction is directed on the same screen. No action will be taken without your consent.


  1. The rules of the airline in question will be taken into account for the baggage allowances that come with the tickets to be sold on the website at all distances, whether on domestic or international lines. You can make payments for extra baggage at the airport or from our call center up to 2 hours before your flight. 
  2. It is obligatory to notify the airline to be transported pets and non-standard materials to be carried during the flight. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will not take any responsibility in case the aforementioned notification is not made and a problem is encountered before the flight .    


  1. Passengers are not entitled to be transported by the airline unless they present the passenger ticket issued for their travel and unused flight coupons. In addition, if the tickets are torn, ripped or similarly damaged, the right to fly is deemed invalid.
  2. There are no refunds or cancellations for promotional flight tickets provided by Turkish Airlines. Name and surname changes are not made for all other tickets purchased. While the passengers in the infant category are charged at a ninety percent discount on the standard fare, regardless of the circumstances, no discount is applied to any child, age or student title in Promotion type tickets.
  3. In case of cancellation up to twelve hours before the flight specified for tickets in the flexible category, the entire amount is refunded to the buyer, excluding the service fee. If the flight time is less than twelve hours, thirty percent of the seat fee is deducted and the remaining amount is refunded.
  4. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.
  5. In flexible tickets, only the area tax portion is refunded if the flight in question has expired and the ticket has not been used.
  6. Business class air tickets purchased from Turkish Airlines can be changed twelve hours before the departure time without any interruption and the difference between the two tickets is collected. In the event of a change from the current flight to a previous flight in less than twelve hours, an uninterrupted transfer is made, while the potential difference is charged, while a new ticket can be obtained with thirty percent of the ticket price and the difference in a later flight. Likewise, passengers who want to refund in case of less than twelve hours can benefit from the said opportunity by deducting thirty percent of their ticket amount.
  7. It is not possible to refund, cancel or change any of the G, F, W, U and P class tickets under any circumstance or condition.      


  1. Name changes cannot be made on all tickets valid for P, O, W and U coded fare classes and in all other classes for Anadolu Jet. There are no refunds, cancellations or change of flights on promotional tickets. While there is a 15 KG baggage allowance for adults in the tickets in this category, this limit has been determined as 20 KG for flights to Ercan. While there is no Child or Student Discount in this class, babies aged 0-2 who do not occupy a seat are charged a fixed fee of 29 TL for single flights and 39 TL for connecting flights. A ten percent discount is applied to the ticket price, excluding taxes, for soldiers with the status of Private-Erbaş, only on flights to the Ercan direction. While the ticket purchase time is determined as 1 hour depending on the departure time, reservations or course changes cannot be made.      
  2. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.
  3. Baggage allowances of persons purchasing Flexible category tickets, which are valid in fare classes B, M, H, S, E, Q, T, L and V, are also limited to 15 KG and 20 KG for Ercan direction. A Student Discount of 10% of the ticket price, excluding taxes, is applied to passengers who have passed the age of 13 and under the age of 25. While the said age limit range is arranged as 13 and 28 for flights to Nicosia, the document regarding the education status in question must be submitted for the discount. Passengers between the ages of 2 and 12 can also benefit from a 10% discount in the Child Discount category. In Ercan expeditions, soldiers with the status of Private - Erbaş can benefit from a 10% discount on the seat fee, excluding taxes. In cases where the flight time is more than 12 hours, a refund can be provided without any deduction, and in case of less than 12 hours, a refund is made with a 30% penalty. If the flight right is not used, the taxes are refunded. 


  1. No name and surname changes can be made for reservations made with Pegasus Airlines. Cancellation, refund, flight change cannot be made on promotional tickets. When the scheduled departure time is passed, no cancellation or refund can be made regardless of the ticket's tariff or different features. The validity period of all tickets is 1 year, and the flight right loses its validity when the said period is exceeded. Since the validity periods of the first and second tickets will be considered the same when a change occurs, the validity period extension cannot be applied with the changes.
  2. Check-In at the airport ends in 30 minutes for domestic flights and 45 minutes before Cyprus and international flights.
  3. Only identity cards or passports are accepted as identification for flights to Cyprus. It is not possible to perform Check-In with documents other than this. In addition to this, passengers who are doing their military service in Cyprus must submit a Border Crossing Document in addition to their military ID. It is recommended to pay attention to details, as it is the passenger's responsibility to avoid any problems in this regard and to complete the Check-In procedures smoothly.
  4. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.
  5. Tickets purchased from Pegasus Airlines are included in the Eco Package, Advantage Package and Extra Package tariffs.
  6. While there is the right to change the ticket with the prices that can change in the tickets purchased with the Eco Package pricing, the Advantage Package tariff offers services such as in-flight refreshments, seat selection, and extra threshold right, as well as the right to change with a fee. Extra Package tickets, on the other hand, include free returns and changes, in-flight refreshments, XL seat selection and extra baggage allowance of up to 10 KG.


  1. Three different classes are available for tickets from Sun Express. Tickets in different categories as Sun Eco, Sun Classic and Sun Premium have different cancellation, refund and change details. Promotional tickets are also non-cancellable and non-refundable. Name and surname changes cannot be made on all tickets.

Special Rules for International Flights

  1. Regardless of the type of tariff, it is not possible to change or cancel international tickets in cases where the flight time is less than 48 hours.
  2. In cases where there is more than 48 hours and 1 week remaining in the Sun Eco tariff, the said transactions can be carried out by taking the penalty fee plus the price difference between the tickets. Children between the ages of 2 and 11 receive a 25% discount on the net ticket, while babies under the age of two are charged a flat rate. The same rules apply in the Sun Classic tariff, and in case of changes, the extra amounts to be paid are reduced.
  3. On the other hand, in cases where the flight time is more than a week away from the Sun Premium tariff, changes can be made without paying any extra cost, only by taking the price difference.
  4. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.

Special Rules for Domestic Flights

  1. Regardless of the tariff of the ticket, if there is less than 2 hours before the flight, cancellation or change cannot be applied to the ticket.
  2. In the case of domestic flights in the Sun Eco schedule, in case of more than 2 hours or more than 24 hours, the change is made by paying the changing price differences, while if it is more than six hours, cancellation can be made by paying a penalty.
  3. In Sun Classic and Sun Premium tariffs, if the flight time is more than 24 hours, the price difference is changed.
  4. There are no child discounts between 2 - 11 years old. Babies under the age of 2 are charged a fixed flight cost of 25 TL.


  1. Economy Plus and Business class tickets are available on Atlasjet flights.
  2. Ticket classes are P,O,W i, promotional ticket classes are F, U, tickets. Economy class tickets are B / C / M / H / S / E / Q / T / L / V class tickets.     
  3. Name and surname changes are not made on all tickets. A 50% deduction is applied for cancellations and refunds for promotional tickets. Refunds and changes cannot be made on F class tickets.
  4. For tickets in the Economy Plus category, a penalty of 30 Euros is applied for date change, cancellation or conversion to an open ticket until 12 hours before the flight time. If the said period varies between 12 hours and 3 hours, a penalty of 50 Euros is applied, and in cases where it is less than 3 hours, these transactions are not allowed.
  5. For business class tickets, all kinds of cancellations, changes and refunds can be made on the ticket until 3 hours before the departure time. In cases where the flight time is less than 3 hours, these procedures cannot be applied.
  6. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.


  1. Onurair flight tickets can be found in three categories as Promotional, Flexible and Extra Flexible. Name and surname changes are not made on all tickets. Onur Air Promotion tickets are in R, O, E, U classes.  
  2. A deduction of 50% of the entire ticket price is applied for changes and refunds made up to 30 minutes before the flight for domestic tickets included in the promotion ticket class. Service fees are not refunded at the end of the cancellation process, and no refund is made in case of a reservation change to a ticket with a lower price than the current ticket. While all these rules are valid for Cyprus flights, the 30-minute period changes to 45 minutes. For international flights, 40% will be charged for transactions made up to 72 hours before the flight, and 50% for transactions between 72 and 3 hours. If the 3-hour period is exceeded, no change or refund will be applied.
  3. While no deduction is applied for changes and cancellations up to 24 hours before the flight for domestic flights of the flexible schedule, a 30% deduction is applied for periods between 24 hours and 30 minutes. No action is taken for less than 30 minutes. While the same rules are in place for the flights to Cyprus, the 30-minute period has been changed to 45 minutes. In international lines, a 30% deduction will be applied for cancellations and changes until 72 hours before the flight time, while the interruption rate will be 40% between 72 and 3 hours. No changes or cancellations are made for less than 3 hours.
  4. In the extra flexible class, cancellations and refunds are made without interruption until 12 hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic and Cyprus flights. If the duration is less than 12 hours, a 20% deduction fee will be applied. In international flights, 10% of the ticket price can be changed and refunded until 72 hours before the flight, while in cases where the time is less than 72 hours, the cut-off rate will be 30%.
  5. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.


  1. A 20% discount is applied to all domestic tickets to be purchased from Borajet, provided that there are at least 3 people in the military and police positions and their first-degree relatives. In addition, the disabled, families of martyrs and veterans receive a lifetime discount of 50%, while students between the ages of 13 and 23 can benefit from a 20% discount. In addition, a family discount of 50% is applied for a minimum of two and a maximum of five people.
  2. Borajet Promotion ticket classes are Z and X. There are no refunds for Borajet promotional tickets. The entire ticket fee will be deducted for the change of course or suspension of the tickets in question. Name and surname changes are not made on all tickets.
  3. There is no fee deduction for cancellations, refunds and changes made up to 12 hours before the departure time for flights to the TRNC and Domestic Lines. If there is less than 12 hours before the departure time, 30% of the total ticket price is deducted, while no refunds are made for the tickets whose departure time is past.
  4. For international flights, a 30% deduction is made for cancellations, refunds and changes up to 7 days before departure, while a 50% deduction is applied between 7 and 2 days. In cases where there is less than 48 hours left at the time of flight, no changes, cancellations or refunds are made.
  5. A letter of consent is required for individuals under the age of 18 to fly individually on Cyprus Flights.


SELLER TRAVEL AGENT Either provides travel and/or other services to customers, or acts as an agent for industry-related suppliers operating in the travel industry, such as airlines (commonly referred to as 'suppliers'). SELLER TRAVEL AGENT Only represents the Supplier as its agents. Accordingly, any Buyer does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, illness or death that a Customer may suffer as a result of any act or omission, or as a result of the supplier's failure to fulfill its travel arrangements, accommodation and similar obligations. The contract used by the Supplier (often includes tickets issued by the Supplier) shall cover the sole contract between the Supplier and the Buyer and any recourse of the Customer shall be against the Supplier. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will provide the Suppliers' identity, terms and conditions, if requested by the Buyer regarding any service provided for the Customer's reservation. It is the Customer's responsibility to be informed about terms and rules such as (Suppliers' Rules).


When the buyer fills all the fillable fields on the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT's website ('Website) in order to make a request about a particular destination, journey, tour or mode of travel, or in writing or verbally to an advertisement, e-mail or via the internet or, without consulting any of the foregoing, by phone, if he or she asks for more details (collectively referred to as an 'Inquiry'), charge for the Website or Trip Advisor Inquiry, and do so (either by e-mail or by phone) (' pricing') will be given to the customer. The buyer accepts the pricing by completing the steps specified on the website or verbally over the phone or by e-mail. As stated in the Pricing, the full payment of the Fee ('price') is required for the final confirmation of the reservations by the Supplier ('Reservation'). When SELLER OF TRAVEL AGENT by the affected online booking or reservation is complete and the recipient 'm 'u, when authorized to receive and process a payment by entering the reservation where the book contains finalize the details of where they are distinguished by a Customer (' booking confirmation form ') will be delivered by e-mail . For flight tickets, full payment must be made by midnight Turkish time on the day of booking in order to guarantee the price priced according to the Booking Confirmation Form.   


The buyer accepts in advance that the destination(s) and itinerary constituting the reservation are selected based on the information obtained from the internet. It also accepts in advance that the internet reservation is compiled, managed and updated by the supplier, and that the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT has no control in any way. Accordingly, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY cannot and will not guarantee that the itinerary and/or any destination will be as advertised on the internet in whole or in part. All responsibility for this belongs to the Supplier.


  1. Instant full payment with any of Visa, Master, American Express or Diners Club credit cards, EFT or money order. If the payment is not made until midnight Turkish time on the day the reservation is made, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT or the relevant Supplier has the right to cancel the reservation. Any price difference that may arise if the payment is made after the aforementioned period is the Customer's sole responsibility if the Customer wishes to continue the transaction in case the price rises.
  2. Huge Tours - Roza wasş. is a Turkish company and all monetary transactions are processed in Turkish Lira. In transactions made from another country or with the foreign exchange rate of another country other than Turkish Lira, the fee difference arising from the conversion of the foreign exchange rate by your bank may be reflected to you. This fee difference is derived from the global treasury of the relevant credit card and is affected by daily exchange rate changes.  

16. FEES

Fees are priced according to the daily exchange rate. Until the full payment of the fee is completed, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY has the right to reflect any exchange rate differences that may occur to the Buyer's account, and is obliged to pay such differences that may occur in the Buyer upon request. It is the Customer's responsibility to check that the Fee has not changed before making the full and final payment. Flight ticket prices depend on the prices and rules given by the airline and the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT . When the full price is paid, the price is guaranteed, considering that the payment is made until midnight on the day the reservation is made. In case the Buyer makes a group reservation and the number of groups changes from the requested one, the Supplier reserves the right to charge the price again and demand an additional fee. Failure by the Customer to pay the additional fee may result in the Supplier canceling the reservation and withholding any payment made. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT has the right to keep any service fee paid.   


The Service Fee is the fees charged by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY for the expenses incurred in making the travel reservation and providing the service.


The BUYER accepts and undertakes that they are not responsible for the loss, damage, accident, injury, illness, damage, trauma, death, delay, baggage, or other damages that may occur during travel, and that they will not claim from for any damages that may occur during travel. .


All Buyers are strongly encouraged to insure themselves against cancellation due to sickness, accident or injury, personal accident and individual liability, loss or damage to luggage or sports equipment, and the like. If the Buyer does not have the appropriate insurance coverage, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will not be responsible or liable. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT is not obligated to issue an insurance policy to the Customer, exceptionally detailed directives given in writing and all policies issued pursuant to these directives and by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will be subject to such exceptions and conditions that may be imposed by the insurance company or the risk taking insurer. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT is not obliged to provide separate assurance for all risks out of the scope. If the insurers do not accept their obligations for any reason, the Buyer shall apply only to the insurers. Some credit card companies offer limited tier travel insurance, which the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT does not consider as sufficient security for international travel. It is recommended that customers contact the relevant credit card company in order to obtain detailed information about the assurance offered.


Documents related to the trip (such as vouchers, travel plans, etc.) are prepared only when the full Fee is received and sent to the address or e-mail address provided by the Buyer.


  1. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that passports and visas are up-to-date, valid, received on time and valid for 6 months after returning to their home country, and that all kinds of protective and preventive vaccines (for example, malaria) and the like are made for places and situations where necessary. It is strongly recommended that the customer check all requirements with the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT before starting their trip. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will endeavor to assist the customer, but such assistance is at the agent's sole discretion and the Buyer agrees in advance that the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT has no obligation or liability in doing so.
  2. The buyer accepts in advance that he is the guarantor for all kinds of damages that may arise before the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY through his own fault.
  3. It is the Buyer's sole responsibility to prepare for the dangers that may arise due to the nature of the travel required for the proposed Travel Arrangement and the physical and mental conditions necessary for them.


A change fee for each reservation is charged for any changes made to an approved itinerary or ticket. This is a fee charged in addition to the change fee charged by the Supplier.


  1. In the event that the customer cancels a reservation, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will have the right to charge a fee or withhold a part of the payment and will claim the damage suffered by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT. Suppliers reserve the right to cancel their services before departure. In case of cancellation, the ticket fee will be refunded to the passenger without further liability of the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY within the scope of the Suppliers and the legislation.
  2. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will charge a service fee to process the return request. (Customers should refer to the 'Refunds' section for these Terms, cancellation provisions are also available in the Supplier's Terms, website. Suppliers may charge cancellation fees in excess of and above the cancellation fees stated here.)


Expenses incurred for such unanticipated add-ons (such as hotel accommodation, etc.) It will belong to the buyer.


The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT and/or the Suppliers will make maximum efforts to preserve the final version of the itinerary. Suppliers and/or SELLER TRAVEL AGENT have the right to make changes for the convenience of the Buyer. For example, in some cases, the weather may require a change in the itinerary, but this does not constitute a reason for a refund. It is the Buyer's responsibility to control any changes in the itinerary.


The Buyer agrees that he will always comply with the directives of the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT or others based on his own behavior and will not in any way disturb other passengers on the plane.


Buyers with special requests should clearly state such requests through the Buyer services department. The Customer Service Representative will try to accommodate requests. SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY does not guarantee that these demands will be met.


  1. No change, cancellation or exemption of any of the terms or rights set forth herein shall be valid or binding unless written down and mutually signed by the Buyer and Seller's fully authorized representative.


  1. If the 'Cancellation and Return Policy' has not been purchased by the Buyer at the time of booking, the refunds will not be evaluated by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY under any circumstances.
  2. Returns made by suppliers are subject to their respective terms and conditions. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT will charge a fee to process the return request. Suppliers may receive the above-mentioned return processing fees.


  1. The buyer should be prepared to show his passport, ID and electronic ticket at the check-in counter of the relevant airline company. In addition to the documents mentioned above, some airline companies require a copy of the credit card from which the payment was made. Passport and ID are required for all individuals traveling.
  2. The buyer should buy his/her passport or ID and ticket at the stand of the relevant bus company or keep his/her ID/passport along with the electronic ticket.


If the Buyer requests the Seller to make a reservation via the internet and gives a written/oral directive, the Buyer irrevocably agrees and declares that the Seller authorizes him to do the following on his behalf;

(1) Choosing the proposed Travel Arrangement

(2) To pay for the reservation and ancillary services

(3) Accepting the reservation terms


SELLER TRAVEL AGENT, SELLER TRAVEL AGENT officials, managers, employees or agents, unless the SELLER is notified in writing within 30 (thirty) days after the damage to the Buyer's person or property due to travel and the SELLER's own fault, and the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY will not be held responsible unless they have a defect determined by a court decision.


  1. In the event that the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY engages its lawyer to obtain any legal rights, the Buyer is responsible for all legal attorney fees and its own Buyer attorney fees. 


Pursuant to the legal legislation, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY processes the personal data of the Buyer in order to establish the contract, and the confidentiality and security of this data is protected by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY, which is the data controller as per the Personal Data Protection Law. For detailed information and explanations, please read our "Personal Data Protection Policy" and "Clarification Text".


  1. For all future flights (domestic, international, return to Turkey, domestic connection flights), the flight must be re-approved by the Buyer 72 (seventy-two) hours in advance.


  1. website Huge Tours – Rozi Tur. Trade Nak.Ltd.Şti. is in its possession. The domain name is Huge Tours – Rozi Tur. Trade Nak.Ltd.Şti. It is registered to Huge Tours – Rozi Tur. Trade Nak.Ltd.Şti. It is a company established in Turkey and registered with Marmaris Chamber of Commerce. 
  2. All intellectual property rights belong to the said property owners. No content or data on this website Huge Tours – Rozi Tur. Trade Nak.Ltd.Şti. It may not be reproduced, sold, transferred or modified without the written permission of .


  1. may change, delete or renew the above- mentioned Terms and Conditions, information, graphics, products, features, services and links at any time and without warning, and the Buyer accepts changes, deletions and innovations during the customer's subsequent use or browsing of this website. deemed to have done. 
  2. SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY reserves the right to change the terms, rules and warnings of the Web site and Mobile site, which are owned by it . The Buyer accepts and abides by the terms, rules and warnings that are effective at the time of using this Website, Mobile site and service tools. 


  1. The Website and Mobile site are offered to the Buyer on the condition that the Buyer accepts the terms, rules and warnings herein without changing them. By using this website and Mobile site, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the terms, rules and warnings.
  2. Access to the Website and Mobile site and use of this Website and Mobile site is entirely at the Buyer's own risk.
  3. It may suspend and stop the Web site and Mobile site without prior warning, and may use its discretion to block, terminate or stop any user's access to the Web site at any time, even though other users are allowed to access it.  


  1. This Website and Mobile site are for Customers' individual and non-commercial use. The buyer does not directly or indirectly use the content and information on this website and mobile site (including but not limited to the availability of fees and travel services), content and information obtained from and its suppliers, services purchased for individual use. accepts, declares and undertakes not to use it for a commercial or non-individual purpose, such as resale.   
  2. If it is determined that the Buyer acts for non-commercial and non-individual purposes, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT has the right to stop all services. The buyer is responsible for damages resulting from use for non-commercial and non-individual use.
  3. The Buyer will be able to receive a limited number of copies of the travel plan and related documents related to the travel and services he has purchased through this Website and Mobile site. It accepts that any information, software, product or service obtained from this Web site and Mobile site will not be modified, copied, distributed, disseminated, displayed, presented, reproduced, published, licensed, and derivatives will not be created.
  4. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not do the following to the Buyer, whether it is for commercial purposes or not:
    1.  I 'un robot without the written permission, spider, scraper or other automated or by logging in to the website and mobile site for any purpose with manual processes, make observations or copy content or information;
    2. Violate the restrictions of any of the non-robot headers on this Website or Mobile site, or bypass or circumvent other measures that prevent or limit access to this Website and Mobile site
    3.   At 's discretion, taking actions that will or may impose an excessive or disproportionately large load on 's infrastructure 
    4.  I'm going .com flour this website and mobile site without the written permission of the build deep links to any part for any reason.
    5. In case of detection of one of the above situations, legal and penal actions will be initiated immediately by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY.


  1. There may be typographical errors and inaccuracies in the information, software, products and services published on this Web site and Mobile site. Although the content on is not limited, information such as photos, hotel listings, general product descriptions etc. is provided by the supplier, and the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT does not guarantee the exact accuracy of hotel, airline and other travel products. Buyer SELLER Travel Agency Gidiyorum agrees that the information referred to in'd like .com and losses will arise because of mistakes that responsibility for errors associated with identification from suppliers.    
  2. Hotel prices shown on this website and Mobil site are provided to give the Buyer an idea about the fees, and does not guarantee the exact accuracy of the fees. Changes are added to the website periodically. The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT and/or its suppliers may make corrections and/or changes to this Website and Mobile site at any time.    
  3. The information, software, products and services on this Website and Mobile site, or their offering for sale, do not mean that this information, software, products and services are endorsed or recommended by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY . The information, software, products and services offered in this way are in no way covered by the assurance.    
  4. Airlines, hotels and I other suppliers providing travel and other services for the contracting party is an independent SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY and are not agents or employees of sales partners.    
  5. Even if the sales partners, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT and/or the relevant suppliers have been previously informed of the possible damages, the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT and/or its related suppliers in no way, directly, indirectly, criminally, incidentally, special, or indirectly, or or in connection with the use of the website and mobile site in any way, or caused by delay or inability in use, or in relation to the information, software, products and services provided on the website and mobile site, or to contract, unfair treatment, faultless Although it is subject to responsibility, it is not responsible for damages caused by the use of the website and mobile site. Liability situations stipulated by the legislation are out of the scope of this article.    


The SELLER TRAVEL AGENT does not state or guarantee that these travel destinations are risk-free or recommended for international travels offered for sale on The SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY cannot be held responsible for any damages and losses that may arise from traveling to these points. 


Exceeding the responsibilities described above on behalf of the Buyer or the Buyer, the Buyer's violation of the terms, conditions and warnings of this website and mobile site by the Buyer or the documents specified herein, the Buyer's violation of any law or the rights of third parties, The Buyer's violation of this website. and other costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, legal and financial fees arising from the use of the mobile site, claims, causes of action, claims, corrections, losses, damages, fines, and the SELLER is responsible for the TRAVEL AGENCY and/or its related suppliers. and other officers, directors, employees and agents.


If the Buyer uses this website and mobile site, he/she guarantees that he/she will not use the website and mobile site for illegal or prohibited purposes within the framework of the terms and conditions set forth in this contract and in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.


  1. There are links on this website and mobile site that allow you to visit third party sites. These sites and the companies that own them cannot be controlled by the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY . SELLER OF TRAVEL AGENCIES by Gidiyorum .com is not made in the report covering the information in these types of sites.    
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  4. In the event that any part of this agreement is invalid or some parts of it are subject to changes in law, etc. If it is determined that it can no longer be put into effect for reasons and that the provisions in the contract will not be applied without being limited to these reasons, in this case, the invalid and unenforceable provision will be replaced by a valid provision that overlaps with the original provision and the agreement will continue to be effective.
  5. This agreement and the other terms and conditions set forth herein constitute the entire agreement between the Buyer and the SELLER TRAVEL AGENCY regarding the website and mobile site . 
  6. This agreement invalidates the electronic, verbal or written communication and offers made prior to the contract between the Buyer and the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT in relation to this website and mobile site, existing or simultaneous. 
  7. All rights of the SELLER TRAVEL AGENT that are not expressly approved here are reserved.
  8. I all buyers who purchase tickets or services over the rules and other substances contained in the contract read and are deemed to have accepted.   


Portions of Customer's itinerary may be regions with a high risk of malaria and other tropical diseases. The Customer is therefore strongly advised to take the necessary precautions and we therefore recommend that the Customer be checked by their physician prior to the start of travel or promptly upon arrival by a physician experienced in tropical diseases in tropical or sub-tropical destinations. If this process is not done before departure, it must be done on the way back.