Ege ve Akdeniz'de Alternatif Aktiviteler |

Ege ve Akdeniz'de Alternatif Aktiviteler

Karacasöğüt - Bördübet Route By Car 



Dark of the Month


10 km after entering the Karacasöğüt junction, there is the junction of Ayın Bay on the left. Moon Bay is a very convenient place for diving. The area offers diving with special instructors. The scenery above the sea as well as the impressive views below. Going up the hill at Ayın Bay and taking pictures of this beautiful bay trip   You can immortalize.You will see a unique view on the hill by taking the bay and your surroundings under your feet. Although it is a bit tiring to climb to the top of the bay,   it will be worth.There are facilities for eating and drinking in Ayın Bay and the surrounding area. You can have breakfast or lunch at these facilities. Evening fied for bait thrown to the beach and the water table under the dim beam k s time to eat lye is good or ser v, are performed.Delicious seafood is generally preferred in the facilities.


Löngöz Bay


Exit from the month and proceed in the direction you came, and after 2.5 km, take the distinction where you see the Sandala Farm sign. From this point, follow the 8 km sign for Kargılı.  Löngöz, which has one of the rare beautiful geographies of the world, offers a magnificent eye feast with pine-rose forests around it. Löngöz, one of the most beautiful bays of Gökova Bay, is a pleasure point with its forest-covered nature. Behind the bay, which is a closed mooring place for winds for medium-sized yachts, there is a salt water lake, which is protected and surrounded by island pines.


Küfre Bay


Located at the north of the region known as Yediadalar, this sheep has a spill at the end. It is surrounded by pine forests. There are two restaurants in the place where the horn is located. You can go to these restaurants on foot or by boat. Don't forget to enjoy the delicious food in the pastor's place.


Bördübet Bay



Bördübet Koyu, Marmaris, Muğla


Tip: Going to Dalaman via will be the most effortless way to travel by renting a car from the airport. 


Skip Çavlanlar in Köprüçay with Rafting Boats

Köprülü Canyon is a river suitable for rafting starting in Sütçüler district of Isparta and pouring into the sea in Antalya. The rafting area is reached after 38 km to the north of the road crossing between Serik and Manavgat.  


At the beginning of the rafting area, there are two historical bridges, the smallest was built by the master master and the arched large bridge was built by the master's foreman. Köprülü Canyon is named after these bridges.


Köprüçay, Antalya


The water of this clean river, which provides rafting opportunities for 7 thousand people a day in summer months, can be easily drunk from its source. The natural beauty of the environment plays an important role in making it a good summer resort. Therefore the canyon is also a touristy place.

You can go to Antalya for cheap flights.


Trekking on the Path of St. Paul to Spread Christianity


St. Paul's Way is a 500 km marked route that takes 27 days to walk between Perge, 10 km east of Antalya and Yalvaç, northeast of Lake Eğirdir. The route passes through Roman roads, paths and forest roads; sometimes suitable for mountain biking.   It is a more wild route than the Lycian Way, starting at sea level and climbing up to 2200 meters. There are two optional peaks on the route that climb to an average of 2800 meters. This route was opened by Kate Clow in 2008 to bring tourism into the countryside and to give hikers an idea of the countryside through the places St. Paul went through on his first trip to Asia Minor.


Perge Antik Şehri, Antalya


The starting point in Perge is close to Antalya airport and the end is in Yalvaç near Lake Eğirdir. Egirdir, the most basic route   transportation and accommodation center.The best times for hiking are the first and autumn months;   July and August are very hot.You can find accommodation in village houses or small hostels for most nights, but you have to camp on long stages - you can find many good campsites .


Guide Book: Kate Clow, The St Paul Trail Source: Trekking In Turkey


Explore the District Roasted with Fire


Kula and its environs have volcanic geological structure. Volcanic activities continued in the Kula region until the beginning of the fourth period and young volcanoes were formed. In this area, where extinct small volcanoes are located, eruptions have occurred in various periods and lava flows have spread to the environment. Because of this feature, Kula and its surroundings have been called as Burn Country (Katakekaumene) in history. Sandal and Kara Divlit are the largest volcanic hills that can be traced over the İzmir - Ankara road.  



Kula houses, which have the distinctive features of Ottoman civil architecture and are generally painted with pastel tones, make it enjoyable to travel to the inner parts of the Aegean. As you walk through the streets of Kula, you will find that the old Kula houses usually have a two-storey wooden character with bay windows and fringes. These houses have a courtyard that is insulated by a wall about 3 m long from the street. The door of the house opens into this courtyard.  


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